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Feel free to comment on the 1858 The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels movie here.

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  1. I liked the video very much. I wish it was longer. I wanted to show it to the Sabbath School class I teach.

    Thanks for putting it together.

  2. Seems a little scary. I like the idea but the music is not need. Why do we protray Satan as this scary being?

  3. Thank you for what your doing. I thought it sounded to much read. Can it be more like a dialog. How about quoting the Bible verses re: Lucifer. Try to share it with
    Amazing Facts, It is written, Voice of prophesy for feed back. We sure need something like this. May God bless.

  4. I think it was very good. Wish it was the whole Great Controversy Book. Would take an extremely lot of work. Very well done writing and all.

  5. Thanks for the comments everybody. I will do my best to make this book into a 3D animation, probably going to India to learn some 3D software package like 3DS Max or Maya or Truespace etc. Then i need to hire around 5 dedicated people who want to see this book get into movie form, then make it. It will take a long time without doubt.
    What i envision, is something that is unlike the standard “movie”, and instead, something more like a “moving-picture book”. Yes, it needs to appeal to the senses, but more importantly, it needs to lead to the book.
    Last weekend in Chattanooga, i met someone who has a booth at a flea market giving away Spirit of Prophecy books. He said many people who come by cannot read, so that made me more determined than ever to get this book into moving-picture format 🙂

  6. I am happy to read this idea about a “moving-picture book” vs a “movie”. God bless.

  7. I have watched chapter one. I am impressed by the simplicity. I reaffirm my previous comment. A moving picture book is my ideal because the words are the most important aspect. One suggestion, the music is too loud and distracting. It could be made less obvious. My preference: words first (audio and text), second pictures and last music. Music should be supporting not dominating.
    In the future maybe there could be an interactive aspect, e.g. click on a picture for more information.

  8. Strange and distracting… good idea but seems too much like an old video game from the 80s.

    The story seems off too because doesn’t Mrs. White say that Satan could have repented and come back. (We have the opportunity to repent and be saved, although we have sinned, and I’m almost positive that Lucifer / Satan had that opportunity to.) The video does not bring this fact out, and states the opposite actually.

  9. Thank you for your comment Anon 50. This shows one major reason why i’m trying to get this 1858 Great Controversy book to the people, because most of us SDAs are not reading this book, and do not know that Satan DID repent. The video’s words are all directly from the book.

  10. Dear Daniel,
    What you are doing now, I had the very same idea. I want also to get the whole conflict of ages series starting with the last 6 chapters first so that the people get to see where we are going and then give them the background later,similar to the Star Wars franchise. I am also considering learning 3D and doing the same thing. I am just not sure if that is what the Lord wants me to do or not. Gnonmon school offers classes either online,fast track and traditional learning. I have also started back in 2006 with Animation mentor,but having a full time job and learning animation for me did not pan out. I find it better for me the actually be in the class room so that I could focus much better.
    India would be a good place to get talent as long and they do the same quality of work, but I think they would have to be brought up to date with the Hollywood quality in order for people to be interested as most expect a high quality of work.
    If the Lord leads me in this area, I hope to go to take the fast track course at Gnomon for 9 weeks, learning maya and all in 3D and then hopefully see where He leads next. My goal is to see the books played out in such a way that all are being blessed and it also be profitable so that they are self sustaining, teaching all far and near the Gospel of Jesus and the Three Angels messages.

  11. Well Nathan Ming! You have given me encouragement today 🙂
    Here is an animation that really gave me hope that PERHAPS i can make one myself too 🙂 It is called “Pilgrim’s Progress”:
    Their web site is here:
    India is where most of the “grunt work” is done for all the 3d animation movies today. There is a studio in India that has gone out and done an entire movie in 3d. It is as good technically as anything in America or anywhere else.
    But i have been in India before, and know it is hard to get dedicated SDA people there who really have a vision of what can be done, and will work on a steady basis. They do exist tho 🙂
    I’m really not concerned about competing with Pixar etc. at all. I just want something that people will watch, and be affected for good. I had an elderly lady come up to me the morning after showing her the Pilgrim’s Progress movie with tears in her eyes saying she wanted to re-dedicate her life to Jesus, and serve him more. Wow! And you know, people who don’t like Christianity will not be amazed into the truth by even a higher quality than they have ever seen before. Yet, having said that, i do want to do the best i can, so that Christ’s name will be seen with a good light. We should do all we do with all our might. I believe when that is done, the Holy Spirit will be sent to move hearts.
    Distribution is a big, big problem. I’ve been in contact with the HopeAnimation people, and that is their problem too. I don’t see any way to make this profitable, and would basically just make it to be freely distributed, unless someone has a better idea.
    I’m sure you already know, too, that to make a complete animated movie in Maya or 3dsMax etc. will probably take at least 2 years, and that is if you are working almost 24/7, and are highly skilled in the art and software. Then the rendering time…… So many variables.
    Any advice etc. would be appreciated.

  12. Dear Daniel,
    I checked a little into distribution, and if I had the money, which I don’t:),I would go with Lions Gate.They are the ones that distribute Michael Moore’s 9:11 and Sicko. Also they have all of Tyler Perry’s movies as well both the stage plays and the movies. I do not know what they charge, but i would go there first if I wanted the mainstream audience via the theaters. I have heard that distribution is the killer of profits,so I would leave that alone if I were you. Though just starting out,as I think you are, I would finish some 22 minute cartoons, contact ASI and 3ABN and get them on our TV network channels first. Hope channel may be good as well. Our channels as far as I know do not have any cartoons.That is a shame.If they will take them and put them on their roster, it may be good enough to put on later Boomerang and Cartoon Network and receive royalties in syndication.
    Another place to learn via DVD animation is digitaltutors.
    Their DVDS seem a little easier to learn from then Gnomon as they take things a little slower.Gnomon is more technical and therefore needed later on to fine tune your learning so that you will have a better looking medium. New York Film Academy (NYFA) also has courses that you can take as well.
    I myself just need to get motivated as to do animation or not. I have quite a few DVDS, so I just need to get cracking…

    BTW, That is a nice cartoon on hope animation. I will check it out some more when I get some time.

  13. Dear Daniel,
    Thank you so much for the link to hope animation. Just reading their story of a couple of guys doing this stuff in their bedrooms gives me new life to maybe give this thing another shot. I am watching right now as we speak cnbc special on the game industry.Things seem over the pass couple of days to encourage me to continue to press on the idea I have of becoming good at the animaion gig.
    Thanks again.

  14. I want to email this to friends. Is the entire chapter available on video anywhere?
    Thx totally for this. Hope I can put this movie on my blog.

  15. Lorraine, if you look at my main web site –
    you can see this first chapter of the 1858 Great Controversy in flash animation, and also the audio and of course text for the entire book. The text is in many different languages to download. Currently i’m in Thailand, still trying to get it spread, and hopefully today i can meet some Chinese people who may be able to provide contacts for a Chinese-version translator. Your prayers are desired for this, and also for my dream to make this entire book into a 3D animation. Any comments you have on it are appreciated.

  16. great book, this is the book that every sda member need to pay much attention to it is a covering basic for everything what christ went through with the devil and hw his redemptive power over him if u r not reading it then start now

  17. it is a shame how this movie places white skin on the mighty one.when we are clearly told in scripture what region on earth he is from and what tribe.not to loose sight of the scriptures but man has always painted his picture.what a shame.

  18. Daniel, you said in your statement dated back in 2009 that Satan “DID” repent! I have to dis-agree with you there. He was indeed given the opportunity over and over again to repent, and was close to repenting, but altimately did not.

    Great Controversy pg.496 states…
    Again and again he was offered pardon on condition of repentance and submission. Such efforts as only infinite love and wisdom could devise were made to convince him of his error. The spirit of discontent had never before been known in heaven. Lucifer himself did not at first see whither he was drifting; he did not understand the real nature of his feelings. But as his dissatisfaction was proved to be without cause, Lucifer was convinced that he was in the wrong, that the divine claims were just, and that he ought to acknowledge them as such before all heaven. Had he done this, he might have saved himself and many angels. He had not at this time fully cast off his allegiance to God. Though he had forsaken his position as covering cherub, yet if he had been willing to return to God, acknowledging the Creator’s wisdom, and satisfied to fill the place appointed him in God’s great plan, he would have been reinstated in his office. But pride forbade him to submit. He persistently defended his own course, maintained that he had no need of repentance, and fully committed himself, in the great controversy, against his Maker.

    All the powers of his master mind were now bent to the work of deception, to secure the sympathy of the angels that had been under his command.
    Hope this clears up some confusion with others.
    “In HIS Service”…Chuck T.

  19. Hello Mymechi, I’m not sure whether or not you actually watched the video or not that this post refers to, but the words are straight from the 1858 Great Controversy.
    The revelant part to this discussion about “repent” is:
    After Satan was shut out of heaven, with those who fell with him, he realized that he had lost all the purity and glory of heaven forever. Then he repented and wished to be reinstated again in heaven. He was willing to take his proper place, or any place that might be assigned him. But no, heaven must not be placed in jeopardy. All heaven might be marred should he be taken back; for sin originated with him, and the seeds of rebellion were within him. Satan had obtained followers, those who sympathized with him in his rebellion. He and his followers repented, wept and implored to be taken back into the favor of God. But no, their sin, their hate, their envy and jealousy, had been so great that God could not blot it out. It must remain to receive its final punishment.
    So we see that it says twice, extremely clearly, that Satan “repented”. We also see the reason God did not forgive him.
    In fact, i studied this with young Chinese, Australian, and New Zealander SDA Brothers/Sisters today. They were all surprised to know that Satan did repent. I remember being surprised too when i first read this. One reason i see it is important, is to show people at the end time that there will be a “close of probation”, and even if you repent after that, it cannot be forgiven.
    So now is the time to repent, while Jesus in in the Most Holy Place, blotting out our sins. Thank you Jesus!

  20. From the Great Controversy it is clear that “again and again he [Satan] was offered pardon on condition of repentance and submission. […] But pride forbade him to submit. He persistently defended his own course, maintained that he had no need of repentance, and fully committed himself, in the great controversy, against his Maker.” Yes, Satan repented, but he repented only after he was shut out of heaven, when it was too late: “After Satan was shut out of heaven, with those who fell with him, he realized that he had lost all the purity and glory of heaven forever. Then he repented and wished to be reinstated again in heaven. He was willing to take his proper place, or any place that might be assigned him.” I’m not sure if his repentance was genuine or it was only because he saw the consequences of his doing. I think, he repented not because he felt his wrong doing but he repented only because he realized what he had lost. I believe this because “when Satan became fully conscious that there was no possibility of his being brought again into favor with God, then his malice and hatred began to be manifest. He consulted with his angels, and a plan was laid to still work against God’s government.” I think, after the “close of probation” many will repent; but they will repent like Satan, not because they would be sad of their sins, but because they would be fully conscious of the consequences of their sins and of all the things that they lost by their doing.

    May God help us to repent when it is still not to late, and that we come before God with a genuine repentance!

  21. GMT, You may very well be correct that Satan’s repentance was not genuine. We are not told.
    We are told clearly tho, why God did not forgive Satan and his angels after they were driven from heaven:
    “But no, their sin, their hate, their envy and jealousy, had been so great that God could not blot it out. It must remain to receive its final punishment.”

  22. Great pictures, May the pease of the Lord be with them, as you involve in the great commission of God.

  23. Hi I just want to say thank you so much for putting together the audio and the movie clip. I had been procrastinating for years on reading the great controversy. You gave me no excuse and brought each page to life.I enjoyed the audios and they have drawn me closer to my savior. May God continue to bless this work and may it go out all over the world.

  24. That’s some good effort on the movie! Good job! I just started reading the 1858 GC and boy is it different than the version being printed today. I’m not an SDA member, although I do believe most of the same doctrine (you guys are kind of out there with the ‘special resurrection’), and do believe that EGW’s work has been changed significantly. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Jesuits were behind it. The ends justify the means. It kind of bugs me that Uriah Smith was one of the ones doing the editing of the books. I have a copy of his ‘Daniel and the Revelation’ and thought he was pretty insightful and very knowledgeable on historic points. I really need to dig more into this. Happy Sabbath and may The Lord bless all of you.

  25. Thanks bro for what you have done so far in this great work. May the Holy Spirit inspire you to do more. This is so breath-taking; the four minutes stopped when I and my hubbie where so engrossed in the whole scene. We are praying for the completion of the whole ‘Great Controvesy’ project.

    Kaundas Zambia


    The above link demonstrates what the world is achieving in this area of presenting cosmic conflict through animation. Should we be stepping up to the mark and presenting truth using the same methods of animation?

    It seems that Satan is successfully getting his message before the eyes of people. Is God stumped by this? Of course not, but what are we doing to further God’s kingdom?

  27. SDA,
    The first chapter of the 1858 Great Controversy is on my youtube channel (earlysda).
    The creator of the video was an Indian man, and he found a job with a big company in Bangalore soon after doing this, so quit doing this work for me.
    If you know anyone who can do flash animation at this level, I would be interested in talking to them.

  28. Hello Daniel-san,

    Sorry I haven’t told you earlier, one of my clients have been reading your translated 1858 The Great Controversy and to Japanese. Her name is Nobue and she is encouraged. Many of our clients have disability from physical and mental health and I think she is receiving this truth and I truly pray that the Lord may continue to bless his ministry mightily work in you brother in Christ.

    God bless from Sydney

  29. That’s great news, Ryan!!
    Sometimes I wonder if those 2 years spent on translating that book have done any good at all….
    God bless you in your work there. 🙂

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