38,000 angels busy?

Last year approximately 38,000 1858 Great Controversy books were downloaded in the various languages. I praise God, and pray that i can help get the book into more languages this year. Please Lord, may an angel go with each book, and help impress the importance of your words on the peoples’ minds.

books downloaded in 2009

9 thoughts on “38,000 angels busy?”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes it seems like my life is so pitiful, with nothing to show for it. Just going here to there – for what? I’m sure Jesus sees it all, but it is nice too, to have some human friend give encouragement sometimes.
    Mary Ann McNeilus is in Myanamr now i think with ASAP, and i’ve asked the translator to give her some books. I don’t know anything about the Karen language tho.

  2. Just finished catching up on all your blog material for the last few months. Just me and Newbie have spoken but in the background are surely lots more who read and are thankful to God for a proper missionary in action like you are.
    About the downloads from the internet of the GC1858…. Do you have tags for getting your site to be indexed by google spiders set to be the best in helpfulness? Do you have to pay a price for better advertising of your site so it falls into the attention of people using the Net that much more easier?

  3. There are some meta tags used to let the bots and spiders know what’s what, and i do have something special on a few pages for the 1-ton gorilla – google, to give it a little boost.
    Around 10 years ago i paid google adwords a few cents per click to advertise my site whenever anyone searched for “great controversy” or “ellen white”. Around 2004 they informed me that i was infringing on some copyright, so deactivated my account. The price per click is quite high now, so i don’t use that service anymore.
    I’d love to get more exposure, and have done some thru dmoz, but the links from other SDAs are very few and far between. I’m happy tho that around 5 other sites have copied my material (even one asked permission!?) and put it up on their sites, so these words can continue to be spread even if something should happen to me 🙂
    Any advice would be welcome.

  4. Just noticed you are on audioverse with the audio of the 1858 GC… wonderful mp3 format… going to use that!! Must hear these wonderful words over and over again and commit them to memory…. by God’s Grace.

  5. I forgot about that 🙂 Of course the same files are on my earlysda.com website too.
    I recorded A Word to the Little Flock, and A Sketch…. when back in the US last April, but there are too many pops in the recording to be useful – so sad. How can i do a good recording? Perhaps buy a dedicated microphone instead of a little 3usd thing i bot in Bangkok?!

  6. I can’t stand the pops, and can’t really make them fade out nicely either, so am planning to delete those large audio files to free up disk space on my computer. Tood bad.

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