watering seeds

I had a great experience the other day with a kid at the free English classes at Kobe church. We told the kids and their parents before they started classes, that we would not talk religion in class. We did have Vacation Bible School recently at the church tho, and quite a few of the kids attended. Well, the other day before class started, one 8-year-old girl asked me in Japanese, “Is Jesus God?” This is a wonderful question, and since she initiated the discussion i tried to explain simply that yes, he is God, and created everything just by speaking it. She then said her dad told her that Jesus was a child of God, but not God. That was trickier to answer; i said that there are 3 in heaven who are God, and they are one in purpose and mind, that Jesus, while being God, was also the Son of God. The rambunctious boy sitting next to her who did not attend VBS butted in and said that the sun is bigger than any god. I told him that Jesus just spoke, and made the sun, which quieted him for a few seconds. The girl then said that her dad told her there are good gods and bad gods, to which i replied that God is good. She then asked if the devil is real. I assured her that he is, and gave the start of the Great Controversy story in a nutshell. I told them that my goal in life is to go to heaven to be with God, and the girl said that many people are already in heaven because they have died. I took about a minute then explaining how when you die, you just go back to dust, then we await when Jesus comes to wake us up and either burn us up, or take us to heaven.

This exchange showed nearly all the things adults in Japan think about God: He doesn’t exist, if he does exist, he is just one of many which are good or bad, Jesus was just a good man, you go to heaven when you die, etc. The whole thing only took around 4 minutes, and i quickly went into the English lesson/games, but i was singing in my heart the rest of the day that God provided this opportunity for me.

Lord, sometimes it seems like the little bit i do in life has no impact on anybody, but you are there, watering this seed and that seed in its own time. I thank you so much for using a little child to brighten my day, and i just pray that you will keep watering and watching over those seeds, and that they will spring forth into a beautiful plant in your kingdom, giving glory to you forever, amen.

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  1. WOW!! What a moment. Let us know if there is backlash. You did a great job Daniel in sharing your faith.

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