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6831. Shireen said in July 15th, 2012

This is my understanding of the allegory.

“An owner [God] of a field brought many parts to it [systems in nature], and then left on a trip after writing down what he did [Bible]. Some people came along later who didn’t like the field owner [athiests], saw the parts [scientific observation], and said that they got there as a result of a big explosion [Big Bang theory]. They made everything match their belief [subjectivity], not the words of the field owner [objectivity], and often not even their observations [dishonesty]. The parts observed by those who believed the field owner and those who didn’t were the same [objective external reality].

What should the field owner do when he comes back? [with those who willfully chose to perceive things differently than what is recorded in God’s Word]”

Atheists would argue that they cannot dislike a being they don’t believe exists.

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