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5541. daniel said in January 16th, 2011

BTW, the usb 3.0 on this machine is GREAT! Transferring files from my Acer to this computer thru a Seagate usb3.0 hdd resulted in super-fast transfers. The largest set of files i transferred was 21gb, and instead of eating up half an afternoon, it was all done in about 6 minutes!!!

5546. daniel said in January 19th, 2011

Thanx to this page i learned about what bloatware that came with the new computer can be safely uninstalled.
A lot of wasted time just to get the computer like i want it….

5547. daniel said in January 19th, 2011

This site helped with speeding things up:
First i went for the all speed route, but to see the old windows stuff was too old for me, so i went back to an aero theme. Still, the system responds quite a bit faster, with the shutdown time especially showing improvement.

5558. daniel said in January 21st, 2011

Wasted another hour today trying to get BACK my windows explorer toolbar buttons that were added by classic shell recently. Finally found out that since i uninstalled ie9 and went back to 8, i had to right-click on the ie8 toolbar and select “classic explorer”, and then enable it. Works sweetly again now.
Now, for no more wasted time on this!

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