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401918. John Trainor said in October 4th, 2018

Many say Prohibition was a failure, but I agree 100% with this post.

Was reading a biography of A.T. Jones entitled “From 1888 to Apostasy.”

On page 28 I thought this was interesting re Prohibition. America was still largely a PROTESTANT nation! But in the 1880’s Protestants had fears about their great nation being changed – they saw danger to portestantism ahead, and how right they were!

About the 1880’s, the book says, “Mainline Protestantism was in a state of panic as it viewed hordes of immigrants invading the United States. It found post-Civil war immigration to be much more objectionable than prewar immigration because it contained larger proportions of Roman Catholics…The new immigrants brought with them an ‘un-American’ approach to alcoholic beverages…”.

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