where in the world?

I’ve told several people that i’m 100% sure that i should be busy about making a movie on the 1858 Great Controversy book (hence this web site’s domain name). But i’m not sure about “where” to do that. I’ve thot India was best for several reasons, such as availability of talent and skilled people in the animation field, and also for the low cost of labor. My ability to accept awfulness of surroundings tho is deteriorating as i get older, and the wretched smells and noises and sights of India are reallly wearing on me.

Let’s see, a lady in Malaysia said i am welcome to come there anytime. A doctor in Alabama said i am welcome to stay as long as i work there. A friend in Switzerland basically offered me help to settle there for awhile. My old landlord in Japan offered her house for me too. Probably one other friend in Thailand would like to have me there too. A man in Vietnam invited me to come to a school there in the future. Then yesterday i got an offer from Georgia asking if i would consider teaching at their new English language school they are opening up, and that i could have plenty of free time to work on my animation too.

All so attractive, but i’m afraid not God’s will. By his mysterious providence, i’m homeschooling the 2 children of the house where i am staying, and am committed to help them for at least one school year.

Lord, give me patience with these children, give me signs showing you are leading with this animation – like providing some workers and funds, and please accept my humble efforts to give you glory in any area of service to which i’m called – big or small (as seen by human eyes).

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