stock market “blessings” for sda church?

Recently the Seventh-day Adventist church of which i am a member, held its annual council. Yes, i know the church has invested in stocks, even in hamburger companies etc., things that make a total mockery of God, but here is fresh information that we must repent, from our GC president down, if we wish again to have the favor of God. Oh Lord, please don’t punish us according to our sins, or there would be none of us left.
“Our budgets are not built on the dollars we have,” Lemon noted, “but on the blessings we anticipate.” This means “we don’t know what effect the markets will have” on future income, he said.
A major portion of the Oct. 13 Annual Council discussion surrounded the world church’s operational funds equity investments. Some of these have taken a 30 to 40 percent “hit” in recent days, but they represent a very small portion of overall operating funds for the world church. Associate treasurer Roy Ryan said the purpose of most equity investments is to generate sufficient returns to compensate for inflation and to preserve purchasing power. Ryan said it is not prudent to attempt to “time the market.”

World church president Jan Paulsen agreed, saying the church “is as conservative as possible” with its investments.

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  1. Found your site again! I need to visit it more often! 🙂
    Need some info on Islam, and I believe you have done some research… I will look at the video you have in ‘related articles’.

    I see your interest in the Feasts! I wanted to keep Yom Kippur/Feast of Tabernacles (at least in part) with like-minded people this year. Alas, I couldn’t find a group that wasn’t off on their own tangent.

    Will spend more time on this blog tonight 🙂

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