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Recently, the man of the house where i was staying asked me what percentage happiness there is in my life, and what percentage suffering. I thot a few seconds, and said 90% happiness, and 10% suffering. He looked at me and said “You have a smooth life”, putting his hand out in a smooth, flat motion. I told him he didn’t know my life. Then he told me a bit about his topsy-turvy life.

So i got to thinking, how many different places did i sleep in, in 2009? This is what i came up with:
year— 10 nites on a bus, 4 on an airplane, 1 on a train, 1 in a paid-for place (dormitory 9euro), and the rest in 41 different people’s places.

Php 4:12 I know both [how] to be living in humble circumstances, and I know [how] to be living in abundance; in every [place] and in all [circumstances] I have learned the secret of being filled and [of] being hungry, both to be living in abundance and to be having need.
Php 4:13 I am capable of [doing] all [things] through Christ, the [One] strengthening me.

Thank you Jesus 🙂

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  1. Thank you… I received the calendar. Alfie said it was an embarassment to him and denied me the right to hang it up. I looked around for it the other day and couldn’t find it. Perhaps he got rid of it by throwing it out? oh well… just now to give my thanks for the statistics of the beds you slept on during 2009. I appreciate knowing, oddly enough. Such details of facts and statistics always are welcomed by me. May I ask where in India do you like to be for a visit the most? I know you following how the voice of God leads you to go here and there, but just for the human aspect I wished to know where you were that pleased your senses or spirit the most.

  2. If i just went to visit, it would definitely be the northeastern part – but then it doesn’t really look like India there with the Mongolian faces. Most of India is either dry/desert with no people, or wet/jungle with lots of people and the attendant trash. For the “standard” India, some of the hill stations down south in Tamil Nadu are nice, and i’ve heard that Kerala has some good sights too with not just greenery, but the sea also.

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