Secrets Unsealed, Stephen Bohr, SUMTV

Updated May, 2020: Since this post was written, they now do have a streaming service on many platforms which makes most of my point in this post moot.
While Stephen Bohr is quite a strong conservative Seventh-day Adventist preacher, one to be commended for standing up against most wrongs in the Church (nothing about abortion tho….), I’ve never been a “fan” of his because of his insistence on interpreting nearly all the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation as being fulfilled in the past (usually called the “historical position).

Recently, his organization, Secrets Unsealed, started a video streaming service called “SUMTV”.
Being interested in what it was about, I clicked on the link to it that came in the email newsletter to which I’m subscribed to.

I was quite surprised to see that it SUMTV is not a project that they do on their own, but is just a live stream on Youtube. Now I understand that there may be more behind their technical processes of making this SUMTV, but the fact that they linked directly to Youtube, makes it look very fishy, like they are trying to pull a quick one. i.e.; they appear to be just having a “live” Youtube channel, and calling it “SUMTV”. That would be deceitful. If they chose to call it “SUMTV Channel”, then that would be truthful. If they said “Watch our Youtube channel”, that would be truthful. But to say “Watch SUMTV” is deceitful, as it is not their own product.

So I wrote several emails to them asking for clarification. Their responses got haughtier and haughtier, until they basically called me “Satan”.

I’ve experienced this before from many, many fellow SDAs – they are completely right about everything, and cannot accept any reproof, no matter how small.

May they repent, and may we all have humble hearts to not only always speak the truth, but to accept reproof where it applies.

6 thoughts on “Secrets Unsealed, Stephen Bohr, SUMTV”

  1. Daniel, I am not sure what your problem is…SUMtv is just another way of communicating God’s message to a dying world. Normkie

  2. They are being deceitful, and then show a haughty, proud spirit when shown how to change their wording to give glory to God.

  3. Martin, you are either a poor troll, seriously deluded, or an agent of Satan.
    To even entertain the idea that Satan is dead now is ridiculous, and makes Jesus out to be a liar.
    When a Bible prophet writes, it can be past, present, or future tense, because God gives them the words to write.
    Please repent and follow Jesus.

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