Martin Weber, Adventist “scholar” errors on Ellen White and SDA doctrines

Martin Weber has put up his “95 Theses for Seventh-day Adventists” up on the web. He asked people to read it, so I took a look. I got to about #30 before I couldn’t take any more of his dissing Ellen White and liberal mishmash that waters down our distinctive SDA doctrines, so just skimmed the rest. While I do not write a blog post for everyone dissing Ellen White, what prompted me in this case, is that this man was high up in the General Conference of SDAs!

From his web site on his bio:

Retired from four decades of service for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Martin Weber has taught pastors and ministerial leaders on six continents. While a member of the global SDA Ministerial Association, he was an associate editor of Ministry magazine and supervised its outreach to non-SDA clergy. He served on the General Conference Executive Committee and the President’s Council from 1991 to 1995…. He earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from a Baptist seminary…. You can read about their escape from cult-like SDA legalism by clicking on the “My Story” button.

So we see that he was a high-ranking officer in the SDA Church who got his DMin from Babylon (so why was he ever put in a high-up position of responsibility in God’s church???) Anyway, we can see that he is against “legalism” from his bio.

Thesis #1 has: “there is no need to enthrone Ellen White as lord over the Bible.”
Hmmm, while agreed, I’ve never met a believer in Ellen White’s writings who put her over the Bible. This is always a fake shot by those who don’t like something about her.

#3 “SDA doctrine is grace-based, yet we typically present truth in the context of law. We do this in ignorance that “the law came by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ” (John 1:17)”
We are only on number 3, and already we see that he is dissing the law of Moses.

#4 “Adventist pioneers were woefully deficient in grasping the gospel; it is miraculous evidence of God’s leading that their body of beliefs, born and bred in legalism, can now optimally showcase His grace.”
It is unescapeable now – he is upset with our distinctive SDA doctrines, and is taking pot shots at them.

To avoid boring you, I will just quote/paraphrase some of the more egregious errors: Christ adopted us all at his resurrection. Having communion with non-SDAs is great. “Christian living is not an imitation of Christ’s example (a medieval myth)” “experiencing unity while celebrating diversity of gender, ethnicity, culture, personality and age.” etc. etc.

#77. Ellen White, particularly in her early writings, suffered much of the same legalism as her fellow pioneers. For decades her books and testimonies were deficient in such Christian fundamentals as the personhood of the Holy Spirit and the eternal pre-existence of Jesus.
Wow! Somebody as high up in the SDA Church as Martin Weber was, and saying these terrible words against God’s messenger – it beggars belief that anyone in God’s remnant church would employ him, as he is just tearing down what God has built up.

#78. Anyone who insists that Ellen White’s earlier writings are as theologically orthodox or useful as her later writings is either ignorant or intellectually dishonest.
I am “ignorant” or “intellectually dishonest”. And I will stand on that position.

Will anyone else join me in showing love and reverence for God’s words that he gave his humble messenger – Ellen White?

Please repent, Martin Weber, and turn back to Jesus.

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