blending compromise

The following is from the Pacific Union Recorder about the retirement of the Southeast California Conference president back in i believe 2004. Notice how nothing is said about the truth or Jesus, just that this president’s solutions “have not split the church”. Sure doesn’t sound like Jesus’ way of doing things. Notice too that men and women pastors carry the same credential. Who will speak up to stop this blasphemy?
Several hot topics in Southeastern could have erupted like volcanoes elsewhere. Strong opinions swirled around churches that adopted contemporary music and worship styles, a request to establish a Black conference, the debate on women’s ordination, and selling San Pasqual Academy, the conference’s only boarding school.

Solutions—arrived at through a process of inclusiveness and discussion—are a blend of compromise and creativity. “They don’t satisfy everybody, but they have not split the church,” one administrator pointed out.

Today, a broad spectrum of worship styles coexist in SECC. Men and women pastors carry the same credential, identifying them as “ordained-commissioned.” The conference executive committee voted to support churches that preferred to become a Black conference (though the proposal was later rejected by the Pacific Union Conference as a whole). And several million dollars from the San Pasqual sale have been turned into endowments that will benefit schools for decades to come.

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