Liberty Magazine (NARLA) thinks religious hostility in America is good

I just made a new video to protest NARLA’s response to the fact that “The U.S. saw a marked increase in hostility toward religion starting in 2009”. Instead of decrying it, NARLA is spinning it as a “good thing”!!

The North American Religious Liberty Association (NARLA) is the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s member-driven organization dedicated to promoting liberty of conscience and freedom of religion, and combating religious intolerance at the local, state, and national levels.
(From the official website)
When I was little, I spent the beginning of
many Sabbaths reading Liberty Magazine.

(and Church & State, National Geographic,
Southern Tidings, Reader’s Digest etc.)
It was good to see them on the front lines,
standing tall for religious liberty everywhere
it was threatened, in America and abroad.
But it seems now the new leaders
don’t have the same desire to see
religious liberty for all, and instead
are more interested in following
the standard, liberal philosophy of:
“I’m OK, you’re OK”.
In January, 2014, Pew Research reported
“…the United States moved from the low
category of government restrictions as of
mid-2009 to the moderate category in
2010, where it remained in 2012.”
You would expect NARLA to be concerned
about religious liberty degradation not
only abroad, but in the United States too.

They are not, tho, as this video shows.
Isn’t it natural to expect her to
express her concern about the
degradation of religious liberty
in America here?
“The U.S. saw a marked increase in
hostility toward religion starting in
2009”. Yes, that sounds like
“bad news for religious folks”
to me. Not to you?
This is not a comparison with the
rest of the world. This is about
religious freedom. If NARLA is
just about comparing “relative
freedoms”, then they have no
meaning as an organization
Yes, people live in “local”
places, so it is natural that
religious freedom needs are
felt at the local level.
To be blunt about it, for the sake
of getting tax breaks from the govt.
the SDA church has made some
compromises with the gospel of
Jesus Christ. Instead of doing
everything to the glory of God,
we are more concerned about
keeping our tax breaks (mammon).
America has always been a “pluralistic
society”. NARLA Director, Melissa Reid,
have you considered what happened in
2009 to cause this “religious hostility”?
America voted in a new President who
is hostile to the Christian religion.
There you have it –
A “marked increase in hostility
toward religion” is spun by NARLA
to mean “Good, this might mean
more freedom for all”.

NARLA, you’ve just made yourself
irrelevant, and part of the problem,
rather than part of God’s solution.
I call on you, Melissa Reid, to repent,
and for all the NARLA workers to
get close to God’s word, and
resolve to honor God no matter the
cost to popularity with the world.

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