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3961. newbie said in July 25th, 2010

Was this an act of God or of Satan?

5521. daniel said in January 3rd, 2011

Maybe it was just chance that happens in life. Closing down SPA and merging with Review and Herald tho looks to me to be contrary to God’s will.

BTW, this post had more views than any other on this whole blog last year – over 3,000.

247244. Betty Jones said in April 29th, 2016

I was going thru my late husband’s things and found a book published by Southern Publishing association. The name is Our Day In The Light of Prophecy. By W.A. Spicer. Would like to know more about book. My husband’s family used it somewhat for a family bible. They lived in Harlan Kentucky

297593. WDS1950 said in April 16th, 2017

I used to have my piano recitals in the upstairs chapel in Southern Publishing beginning 1956/1957. Wonderful memories I’ll cherish ’till the day I die.

David Sullins

347864. Dr. Dave Verret said in May 4th, 2018

I found a book at a garage sale, The Prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation (Uriah Smith, 1946). In good condition for its age, nicely illustrated, too. A treasure from the past.
Thanks for posting this info about the Southern Publishing Association.

351572. daniel said in May 17th, 2018

WDS and Dave, Thanks for those stories!!

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