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By God’s grace, i’ve survived 4 1/2 months in Pune, India. The incredible noise, electrical outages, unhygiene, lack of logical reasoning, cheating, and general disregard for laws are very difficult obstacles to overcome when attempting to get anything accomplished. Yet, for all this, i would have been happy to stay here IF there would have been a few young people who would like to dedicate themselves wholly to the Lord’s service in giving their time and talents and energy into making a 3D animation of the 1858 Great Controversy book. But they were not to be found. No doubt they are there somewhere, as this is a vast country, but i was not led to them.

But i had a wonderful experience in homeschooling 2 young children of the family i stayed with. To see them grow in stature and wisdom, and in favor with God and man – that is so wonderful to see. And to think i had a little part in guiding them on that narrow way, it fills me with a sense of wonder, and fearfulness at the awesome responsibility of raising up children to serve the Lord. There were some precious times of worship together, especially with the father of the household, that makes me glad to have come to India. He even started a web page to try and spread the good news of Three Angels’ Messages at:

Lord willing, i’ll be on a bus to Bangalore tomorrow, stay with a pastor’s family a few days, then go down to Erode and be Brother Bill Dull’s orphanage/seminary called Springs of Joy i think, and then back up to Bangalore for the Southern Asia Youth for Jesus meetings, then off to Bangkok on the 29th.

Dear Jesus, please bless this family, may they always want to follow and serve you. May the mother give up all her bondages and serve you with all her heart, mind, and soul. May the children always remember and do the 2 things you have to do to go to heaven:
1. Believe in Jesus as the Son of God
2. Do what he says
May the father be comforted by you, may he be able to spread the truth about you thru the printed page and thru direct evangelism. Lord, please raise up some kind of monetary means to support him, so he can work full-time for you. Please may we all meet in heaven is my prayer – Amen.

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  1. Glad you are safe and sound. Thank you for the updates….
    Keep in touch and always looking up to Jesus… and Yes, it is that easy.

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