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386066. PrentTruthSeeker said in September 8th, 2018

Daniel, how it that that you proclaim to point people to Jesus and away from man, but then in response to a heart felt cry from 508BC to understand and discern the present truth, you pointed them to a man derived anger management course and not to the Great Physician – Jesus Christ.
I have read all your comments and although I myself have not made a decision one way or the other, that is with regards to Jeff Pepinger’s movement, I have to state that your spirit is not any different to what you accuse Jeff and his associates of. You use attack as your best method of defense rather than presenting your case in a clear and concise way supported by the Bible and SOP. You pick on seemingly negative points and throw them back with emphasis. By the way, since when have we adopted James White as an inspired council especially around year 1863. He even spoke words of criticism towards the Prophet. E.G. White made a comment with respect to her husband as being not in the right state of mind in that period of time (I have not had a chance to gather the references as I stumbled across this forum by chance and was inspired to comment on your comments, which is highly out of the normal for me). I have noticed that your last comments were made a couple of years ago and do sincerely hope that your spirit has changed since then.

394841. daniel said in September 23rd, 2018

PrentTruthSeeker, You ask “when have we adopted James White as an inspired council”. I never said or intimated that James White was inspired, or even that I base any of my ideas on his position of the 7 Trumpets. I just referred to his book, to show hoe our current SDA teaching on the subject does not match what the Bible itself says. I’m aware that he had a nervous breakdown in 1866-1867, and was not in his right state of mind then.
I will do my best to call on all those Brethren in error to repent, and follow Jesus. Will you join me?

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