Patterns of Evidence video shows amazing evidence for Joseph in Egypt

Yesterday I watched videos Part 1 and 2 of “Patterns of Evidence” where David Rohl explains how current Egyptology is off by several hundred years, which makes many theological schools teach that Joseph and Moses and the Exodus is just fiction. In these videos he shows remarkable evidence that fits very closely to the time line of the Bible.

One thing that amazed me, is that there is a “Bahr Yussef” in Egypt that is a canal system to not only control the floods (which he claims is the reason there were 7 years of famine), but also to turn much of Egypt into an agricultural paradise. Amazing stuff!

Avaris was the name of an Egyptian town, where he claims the Hebrews lived, and he has lots of archaeological evidence to back up his claim.

David Rohl is not a believer in any religion it seems, but just sees the Bible as a generally reliable historical book. His blog is here: David Rohl’s blog about ancient Egypt and Israel

The first video is quite dry, but gets the foundation laid for his version of the ancient time line, and the second video has lots of interesting artifacts and reconstructions to show things that would be interesting to anyone who believes in the Bible. One thing that interested me, is the probable tomb of Joseph, and a statue of what he believes in Joseph that was twice the size of people today – hmmmmm.

Video laying groundwork for why he believes the current Egyptian chronology is wrong

Video giving archaeological evidence for his premise of changing the Egyptian chronology time line

While we know that the Bible is true, it is very nice to see the historical evidence that matches the holy words of God, and helps strengthen our faith (while at the same time, making us disgusted with the false narrative we’ve all been taught in school!)

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