Open Source Software Disqus: “What is Seventh Day Adventism?”

This Disqus forum site published the above article. You can find it here: What is Seventh Day Adventism?

I’ve had some interaction with that site’s owner on the Disqus site “Grace and Truth”, and knew that he/she was against SDAs, but seemed to be more honest and searching than some others.

So I read the article carefully, and made the following observations:

Thank you for starting a discussion about God’s remnant church!
The 7th day Sabbath is one of the 10 Commandments that God wrote with his own finger in stone.
Jesus Christ kept the commandments, and said that if we love him, we are to “keep my commandments”.
He prophesied that we need to pray in the last days that our flight into the hills from tribulation should not take place on the Sabbath day.
Daniel 8:14 was fulfilled exactly on the Day of Atonement – 2300 years later – on October 22, 1844. That is the day Jesus Christ entered the Most Holy Place in heaven, to begin the final atonement for sins.
The Sanctuary figures prominently in SDA teaching, as God used it as a type, to teach us important truths. One of those is that the scapegoat (Azazel) represents Satan. This is what the Jews believed, and most all Christians until just around 150 years ago when “higher criticism” came into the various churches.
Ellen White is a true messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ. No one has ever produced even one false vision from her. But you do not have believe her writings to be saved, as she wrote herself that everyone will be judged by the great statute book – the Holy Bible.
I agree that the Clear Word Bible is an abomination. It is not an official SDA Bible, but was penned by a teacher of theology at a SDA University. There are many tares in God’s remnant church, sadly, but that doesn’t mean that the wheat is bad.
God has told us thru Ellen White that the SDA church is “Laodicea”. That is a terrible position. But, as you can read for yourself, that church is still loved by God. All other churches showed that they didn’t love Jesus, as they didn’t even wish to see him return in 1844. So God’s plan was carried out then, to test hearts, to see who is really desirous of following the Lamb wherever he leads.
I pray you also will want to follow the Lamb wherever he leads – to the New Jerusalem, and eternal life. 🙂

That post not only got removed, it got me banned from the site! I had posted on the site before, so was quite amazed to see this.

So site owner “ExtremeRC”, why did you put up an article asking a question about SDAs, and then remove relevant answers? It just makes it look like you are not interested in what the title of your own article is about, and just want to bash SDAs. Was that your intention?

May we all remember to give glory to our lovely Saviour – Jesus Christ, in all our interactions today.

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