8 reasons why SDAs should not believe in the doctrine of “unconditional love”

The following is something I wrote to a fellow Seventh-day Adventist believer, who believes in the unscriptural doctrine of “Unconditional Love”. Since there are many fellow SDAs who believe in this doctrine, I wrote this kind of as a challenge to bring forth your inspired evidence for why you believe as you do.
Here are some reasons I don’t believe in the doctrine of “Unconditional Love”. If I am wrong in any of these, please let me know. If you can show that I’m wrong in all of these, I will naturally repent and believe in “Unconditional Love”. If most of these stay true, then you will need to repent, and quit believing in “Unconditional Love”.
1. UL teaches that the Father loves Satan exactly the same as he loves his only begotten Son.
2. UL teaches that when inspired words say God “hates” some people, it doesn’t mean “hates”.
3. UL teaches that when inspired words say God doesn’t love some some people, it means something else.
4. UL teaches that when inspired words say some human went beyond the bounds of God’s love, it doesn’t mean that they went beyond the bounds of God’s love.
5. UL teaches that large parts of the Bible have really no understandable meaning in the places where it says Jesus “loved” somebody, because he loves everybody exactly the same.
6. UL teaches that we need to love Satan exactly like we love Jesus.
7. UL teaches that ultimately, everyone will go to heaven.
8. UL teaches that God doesn’t have understandable attributes, and eventually, leads to the idea that God is not a person at all – but just some kind of “cosmic consciousness”.
May the Holy Spirit guide you in your studies of God’s holy words.

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