Leftist crackdown on Conservatives in America similar to China’s crackdown on “terrorists”

I’ve thot this for quite a while now, but the news this morning is just shouting this out at us – Progressives are following China’s government in their willingness and methods to crush all opposing ideas.

China’s govt. has established a “social credit” system, where you get points taken away for certain things from skipping train fares, to avoiding taxes, to bribery, to being a Christian or anyone who does not agree 100% with their Atheistic Communist Party. Starting in May this year, they will start using this “social credit” score to determine whether to allow you to even ride on a train or airplane! China bans people from transportation

While the Left in America is not quite there yet, there are many troubling signs that they are going down the same path. That path entails not just silencing everyone who doesn’t agree with them, but forcefully restricting their ability to disseminate ideas and physical movement.

Twitter is blocking people from even quoting material from articles it deems bad: Twitter censorship As this article shows, just trying to tweet something that has no violent overtones at all is banned if from a Conservative, but super-violent tweets from Leftists that show people killing others etc. is allowed.

Then there is the case of Amazon reviews. Authors rely on the number and quality of reviews in order to get their books displayed prominently in Amazon rankings. Yet Amazon is just willy-nilly deleting reviews from Conservative authors books, and deleting some reviews those Conservative authors make: Amazon deletes reviews

Of course just the other day I had the personal experience where Youtube shut down my channel for no real reason other than that I’d violated their policy. They reinstated me the next day, but there are many examples of Conservative, or just anti-establishment channels have gotten shut down for a while, or forever, including Natural News (a health channel featuring Mike Adams), Prager U, InfoWars etc. Mike Adams says his Youtube channel was probably taken down because he believes in just two genders! I understand there are many channels that need to be shut down, as there are many bad people trying to push absolutely disgusting things on the internet. But to shut someone down just because they hold to a different view than yours? That’s totalitarianism.

What’s this got to do with God’s people as we come up to the end time?
A lot, because we see the Atheistic Communistic ideas of hatred for God is dovetailing with the Atheistic Progressive ideas of hatred for God. While they are not currently openly working together, it is easy to tell that they are working towards the same goal – the eradication of all truth, and eventually the eradication of all those who follow the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

May we be firmly grounded in the truth ourselves, and use this window of freedom wisely, because it appears to be closing up quickly.

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