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239571. Kevin Straub said in February 22nd, 2016

I am working on a book doing a history of the apostasy of the SdA movement-turned-organization. An “unauthorized” history, as a truly independent Seventh-day Adventist and believe in the three angels messages. (Now coming into fourth angel.)

In this book, I am giving considerable weight to the David Dennis disclosures and subsequent lawsuit brought by Dennis against the church and its leaders. I believe this story needs to be told, and told, and told again. Every person that understands the truth and stops paying money to this organization is a reason why this work is being done. I do not believe the organization will be fixed, but God is being robbed and the support needs to go to people who are actually serving Him and working with the message of present truth.

What I need at this point in my writing, however, is for knowledgeable people to review this segment. In particular, I would like to contact David Dennis himself, if anyone has a current email address and or phone number. I have written to the email address (@Verizon) in his book “Fatal Accounts” but so far I have no response. I do not know if that email is active or monitored.

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