The Story of Our Health Message (Seventh-day Adventist) D.E. Robinson (1943)

The Story of Our Health Message, The Origin, Character, and Development of Health Education in the Seventh-day Adventist Church By Dores Eugene Robinson (1943)

This book is now available on this web site, perhaps for the first time ever on the internet, at both
and under the “good books” section at the top of this web site.

Note: This is not a review. I’m just trying to make this book available to more people as it looks to be of great value to all who are interested in the health work.

What made me put this book on the web is a email promoting this book by someone involved in the medical missionary work. Part of that email is as follows:
“In the classroom we’re currently giving study to the history of the Seventh-day Adventist health message. A valuable resource in class preparation has been D.E. Robinson’s book entitled The Story of Our Health Message. Here is a statement from the book’s Preface: In Mrs. E. G. White’s will, dated February 12, 1912, provision was made regarding certain “proposed books,” which she greatly desired to be prepared. Among these was a historical work listed as “Experience of Ellen G. White in Connection With the Health Reform Movement Among Seventh-day Adventists.” After her death the trustees appointed by her gave early consideration to the matter of preparing such a book. Clarence C. Crisler, a trusted secretary long connected with Mrs. White’s office, was asked to undertake the task. But soon after making a beginning he was called to duties in the Far East, and the enterprise was suspended. More recently the present writer [D. E. Robinson] was asked by the trustees of the Ellen G. White Publications to bring the work to completion.

“Robinson’s book presents an excellent historical account of our health message, from the turn of the nineteenth century onward. I think this book should be made available to every Seventh-day Adventist; however, the book has been out of print for many years. The Wildwood Health Retreat staff has been able to scan the book and it is now in Microsoft Word file format. If you would like a free copy please send me your email address and I’ll send it to you. I write this email in hopes of finding someone that might have the time and the skill to take my Word version and make it into a searchable, indexed PDF file. If you have an interest please contact me.

“The book is a precious part of our history; what a blessing it would be to make it available in a convenient, readable format.”
So i have done that, by putting this book up on the web. However, if doing so is infringing on any copyright or anything, please advise, and i will take it down.

(Update 2021) Several people have made comments asking me to send this book. Please notice that this offer was given in a email to me by someone who was working at Wildwood Health Retreat over 8 years ago. You can easily get the book for yourself in PDF format at the link at the top of this article.

May God bless as we learn more how to work as Jesus worked.

15 thoughts on “The Story of Our Health Message (Seventh-day Adventist) D.E. Robinson (1943)”

  1. Hi Daniel,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but this is my first time commenting. I’d just like to encourage you to keep up the good work you’re doing in keeping us informed and following the call that God has ordained for you.

    I have had the privilege or reading through the print edition of this book about two or so months ago (I borrowed it from a friend’s house, but I still have it my possession). I am more than just interested in the book, it has opened my eyes and caused me to view the health message, healthcare and health in general in a new different way.

    I too have access to the Microsoft word Doc version of the book as I also got it from the Wildwood folks when they came to Jamaica to conduct some medical missionary training. I would be willing to attempt to convert it to PDF format. I’m not sure how long it might take, but I’d venture a guess to say I could get it done by Sunday morning – June 12 (or maybe earlier). If you are interested I’d be willing to send it to you when I’m done.

    Please feel free to email me and let me know if I can.

    May God continue to bless and guide you.


    P.S. Considering that the last publication was 1965 and that the book is out of print, I don’t think you should have any issues regarding the copyright on it. But, as I am no expert on such matters I will continue to research it and let you know

  2. Sanele Sikhosana

    Helo there! I hope this site is still active. It is my sincere hope that I also receive THIS WONDERFUL COPY of our history with regards to health reform. I hope that it may strengthen the right arm of the 3rd angel.

    God bless this ministry/website

  3. Hello Daniel,
    I would be interested in receiving s pdf copy of the Story of Our Health Message.
    The link offers a short booklet and i am unsure if this is it in entirety?
    kind regards,

  4. FIXED!
    The book is now in its entirety in html and pdf. It is 164 pages long it seems, at a little less than 2mb.
    If you have any further questions, or need it specifically in DOC format, please let me know.

  5. Hi. I thank God for this Blog. I have longed to have the book. Please mail a copy to my email. Thank you.

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