the adventists movie

A documentary of the health-reform work of Seventh-day Adventists has been made by a film production company. From the reviews, it sounds quite positive, and even casts Ellen White in a good light!

4 thoughts on “the adventists movie”

  1. Yes, this is playing all over the US on PBS stations. Expect the one in our area in Chicago. For some odd reason, PBS in Chicago will not play it but is playing all the other religions… i.e. mormons, budda, etc.

  2. Yeah, that’s funny how all the other religions can get favorable air time, but christianity can’t. And of course the only non-babylon of the christian denominations has the hardest time of all.
    But God is going to make sure his 3 Angels’ Messages get out to the whole world 🙂
    If you want, i’ll be happy to edit your expect.

  3. No need… it is just that sometimes my fingers automatically go into a mode and think for themselves…. keeps me humble 🙂

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