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There are 3 new groupings on the right side of this blog:
articles written by daniel winters

himalayan medical missionary centre


I will try to add things to these areas as soon as i can.  The first additions are the HMMC area – an appeal for funds for a school held inside a church, and a report about elephants rampaging SDA member houses.  HMMC is an organization set up to legally hold meetings and have govt. recognition in a northern Indian state.  As the name implies, the work is not restricted to just india, but stretches from Nepal to Sikkim to West Bengal to Bhutan.  Thank God that India is mostly open to give the Three Angels’ Messages.

Articles will go up as written, and hopefully some good books can be uploaded too, as i have 2 already in my computer, just waiting for a good spot to get uploaded too (after a touch more proofreading).

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