NAD Statement on Shooting Deaths in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas

The North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists has been busy the past few years opining on every “social justice” issue that trends on Twitter. Their recent one is regarding the shooting deaths of several citizens and police officers.

As NAD has turned more and more leftward in the past 50 years, it is no wonder that their works often get featured in Huffington Post, which is the standard-bearer for leftist thought.

While the Adventist Review is a little more circumspect, editors/moderators there have a definite left slant to things, so often they remove comments that offend them.

On July 15, 2016, I read this article, and saw a truthful comment by an “Evelyn” that had surprisingly been allowed:

Seems too many of our pastors are too learned to preach the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy . Much of the sermons are more story telling than (milk) than the soul searching messages that we need to prepare us to stand in these days of the investigative judgement. And to make it worse the few who sound the warnings are marginalized , refused hiring and denied speaking engagements by the very leaders who feel sympathy for “racist acts”.

I replied to her:

Your post is powerful, Evelyn!
Seems to me, that our SDA leaders have focused on the dreaded “Religious Right” for so long, that they don’t realize they have been almost totally bamboozled by the “Irreligious Left”.

which got removed.

My takeaway is that our church really is in bed deep with the Irreligious Left, and likes that to be kept quiet.

May we pray for our Church leaders to repent, and follow the example given by our lovely Saviour – Jesus Christ.

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