good animation software now free

DAZ3D has 4 major animation software programs – Daz Studio, Bryce, Hexagon, and Carrara. Carrara is the big one, like a stripped down 3ds Max, Daz Studio is on a par with Poser, Bryce is an easy entry program, good for terrains, and Hexagon is a modeler.

For a limited time Daz Studio 4 pro, Bryce 7 pro, and Hexagon 2.5 are all FREE!. This is an amazing offer. With this software, an enterprising person could literally make graphic art to support themselves. I’m hoping it will be used by God’s children to further the spread of the gospel.

If you have any questions downloading or installing or using, please leave a comment here. I’d love to see other Seventh-day Adventists using this software to hasten God’s kingdom:

There will be many files available for downloading, but you will want 5 files making up around 1.4gb. The 5 files are DazStudio, Hexagon, Bryce, Bryce Content, and Bryce Pro Content. Some of the other files are nice too, like if you have Photoshop (which i don’t), or if you have several computers in a network to cut render times (i don’t).

Please note that these programs will probably only be free a couple of weeks at the most. They would be over 800usd if purchased at full price!!

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