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I’ve been praising God for a strong leader appearing to lead his remnant people since his election last General Conference Session in Atlanta, 2010. For over 30 years, the largest part of my lifetime, God’s flock has been led by shepherds who frankly, seem to have been like “men pleasers” more than “God servers”. Finally that part of church history is behind us forever (i hope), and now we must move forward, as it is late in the day, and Jesus’ coming is very soon.

So in what way can i help lift up my leader’s arms, like Aaron and Hur did for the leader in their day? One of the ways is to make his talks more easily accessible, which is why i’m trying to pull together all the links to his videos available on the internet. Please note that while i’m trying to uplift his arms (message), i’m not trying to uplift him as somehow “inspired” or anything like that. In fact, recently i wrote him asking for him to publicly repent for the Seventh-day Adventist church’s great sin in allowing abortions, but just got a standard “leave it to the woman” response. May we stand as strong for the 6th commandment, as we do for the 4th.

If anyone has other videos of Ted Wilson they know of, i kindly request a link to them in the comments section 🙂

Each media link has: What the media is about, and if possible where and when, and then the length of the media in hh:mm:ss. They will be as much as possible in order from newest to oldest. I recommend that everyone start viewing with the “Go Forward” sermon on 2010/7/3, listed below.

Revelation of Hope in Zimbabwe 2015/5/27 2:19:16 (Ted Wilson’s part 1:07:51-2:15:35)

Revelation of Hope in Zimbabwe 2015/5/26 2:09:14 (Ted Wilson’s part 22:20-2:03:02)

Interview about new church on Easter Island and SAD 2015/5/15 6:06

Promo for health outreach in Peru 2015/5/15 0:47

Sermon in Bolivia 2015/5/9 3:07:43 (Ted Wilson’s part 2:18:25-end)

Greeting and short speech at the Adventist University of Bolivia 2015/5/7 6:27

Pathfinder greeting at airport in Bolivia 2015/5/7? 4:16

Sermon in Bolivia 2015/5/5 2:03:35 (Ted Wilson’s part 1:04:23-1:51:25)

Promotion of Bolivian meetings 2015/5/2 1:04

Greeting at airport in Chile 2015/5/1 3:07

Going to Chile announcement 2015/4/28 1:12

Dedication of Eden to Eden exhibit at GC Headquarters 2015/4/12 1:04

Interview in Colombia 2015/3/31 11:58

Promotion of Bolivian meetings 2015/3/19? 5:19

Interview about Spicer Adventist University in Pune, India 2015/1/29 28:00 (Ted Wilson’s part 07:04-11:45)

Sermon in Dominican Republic 2015/1/17 1:16:48 (Ted Wilson’s part 27:07-end)

GYC 2015/1/1 1:43:53 (Ted Wilson’s part 28:30-1:00:50)

Greeting to Turlock, CA church 2014/12/3? 1:26

Sermon in Czech Republic (Deaf & Czech translated?) 2014/11/8 1:00:23

Talk in Czech Republic (Deaf & Czech translated?) 2014/11/? 22:03

Interview in Spain 2014/11/?? 10:39

Mission to the Cities 2014/10/27 24:23

Centenary celebration in Andhra Pradesh, India 2014/10/26-28 45:54 (highlights, with several brief words by Ted Wilson)

Sermon in Kerala, India 2014/10/25 51:53

Sabbath Sofa 2014/8/27? 1:10

Writing check for ALS ice bucket challenge 2014/8/26 2:43

Panel discussion at ASI 2014/8/9 1:58:01

Roundtable talk at ASI with NAD President Dan Jackson 2014/8/8 1:13:04 (Ted Wilson’s part 5:49-end)

Sermon at SSD pastor’s convention in Bangkok “A Pastor After God’s Own Heart” 2014/7/14? 28:30

Interview in Wales 2014/6/?? 26:29

Sermon at South England Conference campmeeting 2014/6/28 1:31:32 (Ted Wilson’s part 35:49-end “Onward and Upward”)

Sermon at Collegedale Tennessee “Go Fishing” 2014/5/24 41:14

Sermon at Collegedale Tennessee “Master Fisherman” 2014/5/23 44:15

Hope Channel Philippines promotion (Ted Wilson’s part 4:27-end) 2014/5/? 7:04

Sermon at Mountain View College Philippines SSD Sabbath School Conference 2014/5/18 1:06:47

Sermon at Hope Manila Day12 “Discovering Truth For Today” 2014/5/17 1:22:39

Sermon at Hope Manila Day11 “Revelation’s Final Appeal: Mystery of Spiritual Babylon” 2014/5/16 1:36:29

Sermon at Hope Manila Day10 “Revelation’s Secret of a Whole New Life” 2014/5/15 1:13:40

Sermon at Hope Manila Day9 “Revelation Reveals Deadly Delusions” 2014/5/14 1:29:12

Sermon at Hope Manila Day8 “Revelation Reveals History’s Greatest Hoax” 2014/5/13 1:11:00

Sermon at Hope Manila Day7 “Revelation’s Sign of Allegiance in Earth’s Last Conflict” 2014/5/12 1:32:38

Sermon at Hope Manila Day6 “Revelation’s Answer For Society’s Crumbling Moral Values” 2014/5/11 1:15:45

Sermon at Hope Manila Day5 “Hope Beyond Tomorrow” 2014/5/10 1:03:56

Sermon at Hope Manila Day4 “Revelation’s Source of Spiritual Power” 2014/5/9 1:18:52

Sermon at Hope Manila Day3 “The Real Star Wars Conflict: The Battle Behind the Throne” 2014/5/8 1:02:34

Sermon at Hope Manila Day2 “Empires In Collision: How to Face the Future With Greater Confidence” 2014/5/7 1:21:11

Sermon at Hope Manila Day1 “Revelation’s Startling Predictions For the 21st Century” 2014/5/6 57:55

Sermon at AUP Philippines “Revelation of Hope” 2014/5/3 1:37:12 (Ted Wilson’s part from 1:00:38)

Baptism in Philippines 2014/5/3 0:39

Sermon at Laguna Philippines “Revelation of Hope” 2014/5/1 57:55

Encouragement to Care Group in Jollibee Manila 2014/4/29 1:16

Revelation of Hope for Manila promotion 2014/5?/1? 7:46 (part 1 of 4)

Carrying out baptisms in Vietnam 2014/4/26 09:21

Revelation of Hope, HCMC, Vietnam 2014/4/26 1:22:52

Revelation of Hope, HCMC, Vietnam 2014/4/2X 1:07:37

Revelation of Hope, HCMC, Vietnam 2014/4/2X 57:37

Revelation of Hope, HCMC, Vietnam 2014/4/2X 1:00:03

Impacto 2014 in Mexico City sermon 2014/4/12 1:06:46

Audioverse promotion 2014/3/25 3:00

Interview about mission offerings 2014/3/18 27:45 (Ted Wilson’s part 3:55-11:26

Addressing king in Nigeria 2014/3/?? 3:57

Impacto 2014 Mexico City promotion 2014/3/5 1:43

Fiji Fulton College ceremony 2014/2/12 8:07

GYC Orlando (Pr Ted Wilson’s part 59:12-end) 2014/1/4 1:58:22

Interview with Scottish Mission 2013/11/21 11:00

Sermon at annual council 2013/10/30? 56:40

European Health Conference (in Scandanavia?) (Pr Ted Wilson’s part 56:20-end “Prosper and Be In Health”) 2013/9/6 1:32:08

PR for evangelism in Puerto Rico for March 2014 2013/8/29 3:19

NSD Congress in Jeju part2 of sermon (poor quality) 2013/8/31 11:01

Intro remarks at NSD Congress in Jeju 2013/8/28 5:04

Sermon at Impact South Africa 2013/7/13? 30:23

Sermon on Revelation 10 in New York City 2013/6/29 59:23

Short call to receive Jesus’ gift of creation 2013/6/27 1:24

Short call to receive Jesus’ gift of God’s new earth 2013/6/21 1:21

Short call to receive Jesus’ gift of salvation 2013/6/13 1:26

PR for Revelation of Hope Rally in New York City 2013/6/8 6:29

Carolina Conference Campmeeting “Proclaim God’s Truth” sermon 2013/6/1 48:07

Lake Junaluska Carolina Conference Campmeeting “Don’t Forget” sermon 2013/6/1 45:20
Carolina Conference Campmeeting “God’s Call for Revival and Reformation” sermon 2013/5/31 57:31

PR for Impact Romania 2013/5/15 3:12

Sermon in Sao Paulo (Portuguese translated) 2013/5/25 1:46:19 (Ted Wilson’s part 47:45-end)

Andrews University chapel (sermon 12:50-40:38, interview 41:00-52:31) 2013/4/18 1:45:48
Andrews University vespers (interview 20:00-31:30, sermon 58:45-1:35:50) 2013/4/13 1:45:48

Seems to be part of sermon in Chiapas, Mexico (Spanish translated) 2013/3/30 4:54

PR for “Power of One” (Adventist youth congress) 2013/3/16 0:35

Sermon in Belgrade Serbia (Serbian translated?) 2013/3/15 1:26:22

Sermon in the Netherlands for Advent Vision (Dutch translated?) 2013/3/9 1:08:03

Exhorting Argentine Central (Spanish translated) 2013/2/28 3:39

Promo for NETS at Atlantic Union College 2013/2/26 1:07

Welcome and talk with pagan dancing in Bandung Indonesia 2013/2/13 21:41 A

Long meeting with several talks and meeting Indonesian President in Jakarta 2013/2/12 1:53:46

Interview after meeting Indonesian President 2013/2/12 3:51

Interview after meeting Indonesian govt. officials, then sermon 2013/2/12 2:19:10 (Ted Wilson’s part near beginning, then again from 46:25-2:00:00)

Promo for European Health Conference 2013/2/5 2:48

Channel devoted to Ted Wilson’s visit to French Polynesia including Tahiti and Bora Bora etc. in early February, 2013. Some of the videos are in French

Promo for Filipino SDA Church in LA 2013/1/26 1:22

Exhorting to work New York City 2013/1/19 8:24

Interview in Cuba (noisy) 2013/1/7 3:54

United in Mission 2012/12/13 25:57

Christmas message with wife 2012/12/07 26:18

Visit to Montemorelos University 2012/11/30 4:33

Interview 2012/11/5 2:59

Sermon on religious liberty “Before Kings” 2012/10/29 27:30

PR for IMPACT Scandinavia 2012/10/26 2:33

Sermon at annual council 2012/10/20 1:09:12

Interview in Italy (with Italian translation) 2012/9/3 17:54

Appeal to Pacific Union Conference to stay in harmony with world church 2012/8/19 40:19

Sermon and appeal to evangelize the cities 2012/8/11 33:51
ASI convention sermon “Faithfulness and Urban Evangelism” 2012/8/11 43:07

Discussion “Unity in the church” ASI convention 2012/8/11 58:00

Ted Wilson’s appeal to the Columbia Union Conference 2012/7/29 25:13

Sermons in Prague, Czech Republic (with Czech translation) 2012/6/23 3:22:47 (Ted Wilson’s part 51:38-02:00:06 & 02:07:35-03:12:17)

Discussion about NYC evangelism in a group 2012/6/14 58:40 (Ted Wilson’s part is from beg-15:20)

Talk and clarinet playing at Institutul Teologic Adventist (with Romanian translation) 2012/6/10 (Ted Wilson’s part is from beg-13:35 and clarinet from 53:54-end)

Interview in Romania 2012/6/10 7:17

Sermon in Bucharest (with Romanian translation) 2012/6/9 (Ted Wilson’s part is from 40:25-1:55:30)

Call for Revival and Reformation in Johannesburg, South Africa 2012/5/26 4:05

Short plea for unity in Johannesburg, South Africa 2012/5/26 1:45

Dedication of museum of SDA pioneers in Argentina? (all in Spanish) 2012/5/21 2:35

Recap after talk at church (dedication?) at Universidad Adventista del Plata (with Spanish translation 2012/5/19 1:02

Talk at Universidad Adventista del Plata in Argentina (with Spanish translation) 2012/5/19 1:53

Inauguration of a new church in Brazil? (with Portuguese translation) 2012/5/12 (Ted Wilson’s part 58:45-1:27:05)

Invitation to GYC Europe 2012/5/8 3:44

Sermon at Shenyang church with Chinese translation 2012/3/31 1:23:44 (Ted Wilson’s part from 25:30-)

Sermon on Great Controversy with Portuguese translation 2012/3/24 32:40”

Door-to-door spreading Great Controversy book (in Brazil?) 2012/3/24 1:07

Sermon about Great Controversy at UNASP campus (with Portuguese translation) 2012/3/23 52:35

Report on visit to Burundi, Ethiopia etc 2012/3/23 (Ted Wilson’s part 1:32-3:02)

Report on visit to Rwanda 2012/3/16 (Ted Wilson’s part 3:02-6:50)

Report on visit to Rusanga Univ. in Zambia 2012/3/?? 4:12

Report on visit to Zambia 2012/3/?? 3:03

Arrival speech in Zimbabwe 2012/3/9 3:59

Sermon exhorting South American Divison members on day of fasting and prayer with Spanish translation (Mensaje en el dia de Oracion y Ayuno) 2012/3/7 52:49

Talk exhorting those who participated in “Mission Caleb” in Lima Peru (Spanish subtitles) 2012/2/27 5:05

Sermon in Puerto Rico with Spanish translation 2012/2/11 45:55

Sermon in Jamaica “That the World May Know” 2012/2/4 1:18:26
Ted Wilson’s part is from 16:12-1:05:40

Short talk in Haiti describing trip and encouraging members, in English after 2:25 2012/2/2 11:23

Ted Wilson hosts “Revival for Mission – 2011 Presidential Report” with all SDA world division presidents 2011/12/19 58:30

Sermon in Melbourne Australia afternoon 2011/11/12 44:37

Sermon in Melbourne Australia morning 2011/11/12 1:06:31

Interview in French encouraging SDA believers in French Polynesia 2011/11?/?? 19:20

Interview with InFocus covering recent church initiatives 2011/11/10? 7:47

Sermon at Wahroonga church in Australia 2011/11/10? 1:09:43

Interview and Sermon “Personal Relationship with the Lord, and Revival and Reformation” in Tokyo with Japanese translation, 2011/11/5 2:08:08
The interview starts from 25:40, the sermon is from 1:08:20 (gone)

Talk about Desmond Doss taken in Okinawa, Japan (maybe Nov.2011) 6:25

Sermon given at Samyuk University in Korea “Revived by His Word part1” with Korean translation 2011/10/28 1:34:32
Ted Wilson’s part is from 20:30

Sermon given at Samyuk University in Korea “Revived by His Word part2” with Korean translation 2011/10/29 1:29:25
Ted Wilson’s part is from 21:40

Sermon given at Samyuk University in Korea “Revived by His Word part3” with Korean translation 2011/10/29 1:20:58
Ted Wilson’s part is from 06:55

Devotion given at Northern Asia Pacific Division 2011/10/27 38:12

Promotion for Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) 2011/10?/?? 2:21–QOkUI&feature=related

Sermon at Ohio Conference (Acts 11) 150th anniversary 2011/10/22 1:02:24

Great Controversy Project dedication 2011/10/10 33:09
Ted Wilson’s part is from 4:49 – 30:15

Sermon at Autumn Annual Council “Mission for the Cities”, 2011/10/8 1:16:17 (gone)

Talk on anniversary of 9/11 attacks, 2011/9/11 4:28

Interview with “Impact Norway” on how to do evangelism, including details on a new video on Creation, 2011/9/? 8:38

Page with links to 4 sermons given in Germany (scroll down page to “YiM Congress 2011 Faith On Fire”)—Medien-Center—Videothek—DEUTSCH_600.html#top (gone)

Ted Wilson answering questions on Let’s Talk (with German translation) 2011/9?/?? 50:54

Sermon “Aufbruch/(Awakening? Start?)” with German translation, 2011/9/? 1:13:55

Sermon “My Way With God” with German translation, 2011/9/? 1:00:53

Talk with German translation about “Spirituality” is not Eastern mysticism, 2011/9/? 5:06

Talk with German translation parts I and II on “Ecumenism”, 2011/9/? 7:01, 7:44

Sermon given at Andrews, North Carolina, with a focus on the Great Controversy Project, 2011/8/13 1:12:31
Ted Wilson’s part is from 29:23 to the end.

Response to Weimar’s initiative to evangelize cities called NEWSTART Global, 2011/8/13? 44:23
Ted Wilson’s part is from 20:30 to the end.

Sermon at 2011 ASI convention “God’s Remnant Church – Finishing Strong”, 2011/8/6 58:00

Quebec Conference campmeeting evening sermon with French translation on Mission & Evangelistic Work, 2011/7/23
Ted Wilson’s part is 00:24:44 – 1:14:29 (gone)

Quebec Conference campmeeting afternoon sermon with French translation “The Condescension and Humble Example of Christ”, 2011/7/23
Ted Wilson’s part is 00:17:14 – 1:14:28 (gone)

Quebec Conference campmeeting morning sermon with first part given in French with English translation “Revival And the Latter Rain”, 2011/7/23
Ted Wilson’s part is 01:35:15 – 2:46:26 (gone)

Quebec Conference campmeeting sermon with first part given in French with English translation “Getting Ready for the Second Coming”, 2011/7/22
Ted Wilson’s part is 00:44:08 – 1:49:25 (gone)

Picture taking with Kenyan Head of State Mwai Kibaki 2011/7/7 2:03

Call for young people to join the Josia Missions Schule in Germany to get training to do mission work 2011/7/1 4:35

Sermon in Switzerland (German translation) 2011/6/25 41:14

Interview all done in French, seems to be by Northern French Union 2011/6/24 11:28

Sermon giving to large gathering of pastors in Brazil, with Portuguese translation (English hard to hear) 2011/6/21 42:20

Exhortation to South American Adventists, 2011/6? 4:10

Exhorting members of one church in Rio de Janeiro 2011/6? 0:40

Two short clips of a greeting and exhortation to read Great Controversy when in South Africa 2011/5/25 3:14

Visit to Angola, 2011/05/02 4:43

Sermon at Oakwood University for 2011 General Conference Spring Council 2011/4/9 1:06:55 – 2:10:30

Interview with UK Hope TV regarding evangelism to the secular world, 2011/3/13 14:51

Sermon at SDA Central del Valle Spanish church in McAllen, TX 2011/3/5 58:49

Tour of Valley Grande Adventist School in Texas 2011/3/4 11:53

Short interview “Bible Boot Camp Ted Wilson Interview” in Australia 2011/2/25 3:08

Answer to question “Ted N. C. Wilson on Emerging Church” given at retirees retreat Redlands, CA 2011/2/21 6:20

Intro to Adventist Youth Conference 2011/2/14 02:26 65

Singing “I have heaven on my mind” in Fiji 2011/2/6 01:33

Playing the pipes in Fiji 2011/2/10 02:02

Prayer with Fiji Prime Minister 2011/2/?? 02:54

Travel to Fiji with wife 2011/2/3 01:13

Interview on InFocus Christian News “My Story” 2011/2/3 08:57

Sermon at a church in South New Zealand 2011/1/24 01:21:57

Promoting literature evangelism 201?/??/?? 11:46 (Ted Wilson’s part is from 7:30-11:25)

Short interview on World of Hope 2011/1/5 58:30 (Ted Wilson’s part is from 10:10-11:30)

Sermon “No Turning Back” at Generation of Youth for Christ in Baltimore 2011/01/01 01:20:21
and 01:50:47
and American Sign Language version for the deaf 01:46:47

Spanish program with short comment by Ted Wilson on integrated evangelism (2:49-5:13) 2010/12/3 5:41 (gone)

Short words of congratulations to the new Costa Norte Conference 2010/12/2 2:34

Interview on World of Hope 2010/12/1 58:30 (Ted Wilson’s part is from 33:03-41:37)

Medium talk “What Jesus Means to Me” at Center for Youth Evangelism 2010/11/?? 20:21

Portuguese program about evangelism in Sao Paulo, with 2 short comments by Ted Wilson 2010/11/23 8:06

Sermon “Remember Your Name” at General Conference headquarters in Silver Spring Maryland 2010/10/9 54:30

Venezuela church 100th anniversary message 2010/09/27 3:19

Sermon “Revival and Reformation” studio recording 2010/9/?? 58:30

Short talk about Adventist history and outpouring of Holy Spirit at Battle Creek with Korean translation 2010/9/12 11:15

Short sermon at Battle Creek Tabernacle 2010/9/11 11:22

Short visit to Puerto Rico 2010/8/?? 2:35

Please note that this following is his first sermon after becoming president of the Seventh-day Adventist church, and is his defining moment, and a defining moment for God’s remnant church. God bless you Brother!!
Sermon “Go Forward” at GC Session Atlanta 2010/7/3 1:00:27 (gone)
and 1:00:27

Short talk “Weimar Luncheon Address” given at GC Session in Atlanta 2010/7/2 05:45
The videos below were taken before Br. Ted Wilson became General Conference President:

Promoting Maranatha project while in Zambia 2010?/4/2 3:27

Sermon “I Did It My Way” Loma Linda 2008/2/23 38:36

Sermon “A Magnificent Gift” GYC Baltimore 2006/12/28 59:00

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