Adventist-Muslim Relations still promoting Chrislam

In the Sep. 4, 2014 issue of Spectrum Magazine, there is an article by Keith Augustus Burton titled: “The IS and the US”. Since the Islamic State is a hot topic right now, I was very interested, so read it. While there were some good points made regarding the history behind the conflict, it was usual Marxist rhetoric about how the United States is such a terrible country. Yes, he actually put the Islamic State and the United States on the same plane!! Not only is this a reprehensible comparison, it goes against inspired writings that we should do nothing to make it appear that we are against our government.

It really makes me upset that anyone receiving the benefits of living in America would be so audacious as to equate a horrific, be-heading organization such as ISIS or IS or ISIL, whatever they are called today, with America, who has done more to maintain global peace and stability than any other country in the world for the last 70 years.

Br. Burton is the director of the Adventist-Muslim Relations Center at Oakwood University. He has a degree in Philosophy of Religion from Northwestern University. Why haven’t we SDAs learned yet that getting our “higher” training at a secular school is a sure recipe for falling away from Jesus? But then, we go and hire them to teach at our own universities because we need accreditation! It is sad to see how far away we have gone from God’s blueprint for our educational system.

I’ve had contact with AMR people over the years, and nearly all of them are basically into “Chrislam”, which states that the god of the Muslims and the God of the Christians is the same. That is blasphemy.

So yesterday I made this video to call on several AMR officers (and one layman) to repent:

Youtube video regarding Keith Augustus Burton and Adventist-Muslim Relations:

We should pray for our Seventh-day Adventist leaders to lift up Jesus Christ – the Son of God.

1 thought on “Adventist-Muslim Relations still promoting Chrislam”

  1. this has been a puzzle to me all the time.
    we have the AMR department in almost all churches yet you ask what it is for,
    you get funny answers.
    I have grown up with muslims and i want to say we are opposites.
    they actually call catholics their brothers.
    but SDA….No way

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