1888 Materials by Ellen White

1888 Materials by Ellen White

After nearly 6 years, it is done.

I started reading the 1888 Materials while in Thailand in 2008, and reading on and off for 5 years, finally finished all 4820 paragraphs on New Year’s day 2014. I wanted to give expression to what I learned from that reading, so planned a video, which finally, this week, I finished. The video is around 1 1/2 hours, so I split it into 3 parts and put it up on Youtube.

Adventists who have studied anything about the 1888 experience, know that it was mainly about Jones and Waggoner coming with the message of Righteousness by Faith, which the leading men in the SDA church then did not fully accept at that time. Other than that, there are many conflicting reports on what actually happened, with some publications even going as far as to state that the General Conference accepted the message!

Here, from Ellen White’s writings, we see that not only did the SDA leaders not accept the message, most of them were also actively working against Ellen White. Interestingly enough, while Ellen White basically supported the message of Jones and Waggoner, she mentions most pointedly that the main issue here was NOT about the Law in Galatians, but about coming together in a spirit of humbleness to work together with our brethren to seek what the Lord would have us learn.

So in this video, I have highlighted the quotes that seem to show the main points of the 1888 Materials, and the lesser-known quotes, as well as some quotes that just struck me as interesting/unusual. Being that my focus is what it is, you will find a preponderance of quotes that show that the leaders in the General Conference were in the wrong then, because these types of quotes are rarely, if ever, quoted from our pulpits. Also, I show the many quotes where Uriah Smith was one of the two ringleaders in this debacle, as many of us SDAs tend to view Uriah Smith’s books as almost inspired.

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May we not repeat the mistakes of those in 1888, and may we always be humble to accept light thru whatever channel God pleases to send it to us.

Part1 of 1888 Materials
Part2 of 1888 Materials
Part3 of 1888 Materials

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  1. Daniel how can I contact you? I have just found your websites, appreciate your work and perspectives and would like to share.

    My Grandparents were missionaries to Monteagle mountain after training at Madison and started and built that SDA church. My parents sent me to train with my Grandfather so I could get a Madison education. I hope to hear from you soon.

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