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5693. bcfisher said in May 12th, 2011

i also agree with the ark being found and heralding the onset the judgement of the living and that time being centered around the feasts of the trumpets in the fall. Exciting time we all live in. I just pray that I understand what God wants out of me.

5694. daniel said in May 13th, 2011

That’s great, bcfisher! I feel mortified that i had this knowledge for so long, and didn’t do anything with it. Now, how to redeem the time? What is the best way to spread this knowledge?
It is becoming more obvious to me too, that the Feasts play a big part in not only the timing of last-day events, but in showing us outlines of the “events” to transpire also.

5695. bcfisher said in May 13th, 2011

The best way to spread the knowledge is wait for God to lead and tell you the right way. One thing I learned with the last missionary group is to wait on God and not run in front of him.. He has a plan and will tell you what your roll in it is. Just ask him what to do.

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