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3700. Agape said in April 11th, 2010

Do you now have no back-up money in your bank account at all? Are you in Japan to earn money by taking on a job? For me you are the most adventureous person in my life. It’s all these small vital details of not knowing that puts me in a dither because of missing connecting the dots in the various junctions of decisions you make for the next move,

3726. daniel said in April 14th, 2010

I still have some funds in a bank in America, but haven’t touched it since leaving there last April. I’m not planniing to earn money in Japan, but if the opportunity arises, maybe i should do it? Strictly speaking, it is not legal with my 90-day “tourist” visa, but in fact, it seems to be OK, unless you work for a regular company.
I really do appreciate your concern for the dots, probably you are more interested than i am myself – ha!

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