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3514. newbie said in February 20th, 2010

“the little cloud with Jesus in it will show up on a day just like any other day when people are going to work and to clubs to party and….”

This description is more similar to the day that S and G were destroyed…. and not what is going to happen when Jesus comes the 2nd time.

3515. newbie said in February 20th, 2010

Yes, it is sorry indeed that so many ‘other’ books are being promoted when we have not yet fully understood our bibles and digested all the pure works of SOP. 🙂

3516. newbie said in February 20th, 2010

sorry that 🙂 should have been a 🙁 and may we all go back to our KJV bibles and the original pure books of SOP 🙂

3785. David@ellenwhitestudybible said in April 21st, 2010

To the first comment about Sodom and Gomorrah… that is exactly like what Jesus said in Matthew 24 actually. Where is the confusion?

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