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5611. Oowen said in March 4th, 2011

I am presently thinking of illustrating the great controversy 1858 like a “comic book” version. What do you think.

5612. daniel said in March 4th, 2011

We need to be careful with this, not to make it stray from the words in the book, as the words are inspired. I’ve seen that with many people, wanting to illustrate something, and straying off into their own interpretation of the material. Of course everyone’s visual representation of the words will be a little different, and that’s OK, but making the representation fit the words is the best way. Let me know if you decide to pursue this project 🙂

5838. daniel said in October 1st, 2011

1ST 12-20-1877

Many may be reached best through sacred pictures, illustrating scenes in the life and mission of Christ. By this means truths may be vividly imprinted upon their minds, never to be effaced. The Roman Catholic church understands this fact, and appeals to the senses of the people through the charm of sculpture and paintings. While we have no sympathy for image worship, which is condemned by the law of God, we hold that it is proper to take advantage of that almost universal love of pictures in the young, to fasten in their minds valuable moral truths, to bind the gospel to their hearts by beautiful imagery illustrating the great moral principles of the Bible. Even so our Saviour illustrated his sacred lessons by the imagery found in God’s created works.

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