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3150. newbie said in July 30th, 2009

hang in there… it will take time to perfect the images that you want… looks pretty cool to me

3154. daniel said in July 31st, 2009

#2 in Intermediate is answered in Intermediate 6-2 lesson: “Ctrl+Alt+Shift on a PC and clicking the Remove Keyframe button”
10. Intermediate 6-3: I cannot get the house with the windows to work even after 2 tries. There are no transparent windows.
11. Intermediate 6-4: I do not know how to draw water. Also, the driving rain tut mentions something about removing the clipping plane. Where is a clipping plane in the main Bryce window? Please give some numbers for the rotation, as i cannot make it look like rain. Texture animation does not animate as described. The wave animation does not work either. The traffic light animation of course does not work either. After pasting in the green light for the yellow light, the yellow light became green. Remaining part of this tutorial can not be continued because of all lights becoming green.
12. Intermediate 6-5,6 problems: The gradient does not animate in the main Bryce window. Ditto for Grad Shift. The thumbnail preset does not change views.
It took me 7 weeks to complete the Robinwood course. I’m not sure of the actual time involved, but estimate it to be 140+ hours. I would have been happy to pay to sit in a classroom to get this kind of detailed instruction. And having said all that, i give this tutorial a “B”. It was definitely A+ going into lesson 5, then with some flaws, my impression of it went down a bit, then up again when entering the animation lessons in the Intermediate course, then down sharply towards the end of the animation course and down again towards the end as the instruction got more cryptic and more unworkable. To have an instructor you really like, you get attached and drawn on to do more and more, and are so happy when everything goes well. There were many times i was excited to see something occur just as taught! Perhaps that is why the disappointment when things don’t happen as taught is all the greater……
As i don’t understand many things yet, especially about animation and brushes, i will try to find more tutorials on the web for Bryce, and keep learning until i can make the story i want to 🙂
Thank you Robin Wood!!!

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