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3552. betterliving4u said in March 19th, 2010

Apparently Dr. Knight likes the “moderate” view of inspiration, whereas you prefer the more fundamentalist position, as do I. However, Dr. Knight has highlighted a vitally important issue for the church, which is the issue of inspiration and how it works. Revelations during the last two decades or so regarding the unacknowledged use by EGW of other people’s work and her dependence upon ‘assistants’ in the production of her literary work, has forced many in the church to take a more liberal position re how inspiration works in order to accomodate the continued assertion that EGW inspiration was the equivalent of the apostles and prophets of the Bible.

3556. daniel said in March 22nd, 2010

Ellen White was an inspired prophet just as the writers of the Bible were. The problem is, Brother/Sister, is that there are many things attributed to Ellen White which she did not actually write. My call is to get all of us SDAs back to the original writings, where a “I saw” or similar phrase shows clearly that her message is of God.

3583. betterliving4u said in March 27th, 2010

Brother Daniel, I respect your opinion. However, your suggestion will not solve the problem. There are instances of “I saw” or “I was shown” which turned out to not be so. Read the history of the “shut door” and repeated time setting after the 1844 disappointment.

5600. karl said in February 27th, 2011

Even an “I was shown” is not word dictation. Eyewitnesses of the same event tell differing stories. There is an example of this in the Gospels where one account has a singe madman in Gadarene while another has two.

5605. daniel said in March 1st, 2011

Sorry to hear you too believe there are mistakes in the Bible, karl. Let’s choose to believe that “inspired” means what it means 🙂

5642. Sevatio said in March 30th, 2011

Are there if any, in Ellen G White’s books contradict the Bible Principles?

5644. daniel said in March 31st, 2011

Sevatio, as far as i know, there is only one contradiction with books with Ellen White’s name on the cover published while her husband was still alive. After he died, there are many internal contradictions, and some places that i know of that contradict the Biblical principles. You see, the main editor after her husband died was a man who was fighting her, so much so that Ellen White wrote him in 1892 saying that of all the people alive he had done more to harm her than anyone during the previous two years!
betterliving4u, The shut door doctrine in 1844 was correct. Ellen White did not participate in further time setting either. She was led by God in her published works, and we should accept them as the voice of God.

5665. fzimmerman said in April 20th, 2011

There is a verse in the New Testament that explains inspiration:

1 Cor. 2:13 – “Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.”

To me, this explains “thought inspiration” of the Bible, and yet how it can be depended on, to the word. The inspired writer frames the inspired thought in words which he chooses (the Holy Spirit helping). But the important thing (the “treasure”) is the thought. The words are the “vessel”.

The real danger of “verbal inspiration” is that we can put our own thoughts into the words, and think that it is “just what the Bible says,” when we have actually substituted the true thoughts with our own thoughts. To all who do this, the Bible will be undependable.

But for those who strive to understand the thought of the Spirit that is contained in the words, it will be entirely dependable.

The difficulty behind a strict “literal” interpretation is seen in this verse, for example: “if your hand offends you, cut it off.” (Matt. 18:8). To take the most obvious literal meaning would be unreasonable. But to understand the thought of the Spirit behind these words is the true literal meaning…ie. that nothing should get in our way of following God, not even love of our own bodies. This thought can be depended on and acted upon and will have saving power.

The real problem with Bible translation then, is to get at the thought of the Spirit…comparing “spiritual things with spiritual.” Mere theological training, or knowledge of original languages does not attain this. It requires study, patience, humility, and hungering after righteousness.

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