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3041. daniel said in April 27th, 2009

Found new interesting software today to do “Markerless Motion Capture”. This will allow 3D objects to get moving very quickly!

3043. daniel said in April 30th, 2009

It’s a long url, but the following tutorial shows how to use Bryce software to make a city landscape very quickly. COOL!
One more cool thing seen today, is Next Engine 3D scanner. It’s hardware, but could make importing actual objects super easy into software programs. Price = $2,995

3058. daniel said in May 18th, 2009

iclone looks to be very good too. I spent all morning checking it out.
The cost of the PRO package with the 3DXchange software which is necessary to get obj format support is 219usd.
The price on Newegg is $160, and the price for the “Academic” version is 135.
This software looks good for quickly learning how to get an animation made with the characters and props acting like you want, getting faces animated, doing landscapes, and quickly getting both whole projects and storyboards for other, more robust software. The price is excellent, but with the various landscape and cloth and figure packages etc., the price could spiral up pretty quick.
The drawbacks look to be that the quality is noticeably less than what can be done in Maya and 3ds Max for example, because the entire figure is not changeable, just points on the figure. Also, the content availabe is not so large, but with obj import, that restriction is mostly relieved.

3063. daniel said in May 21st, 2009

For $25 i bot a book with a CD on it including Hexagon and Carrara Pro 6. So i’m leaning right now to looking at the 3D Daz family which includes Bryce and Daz Studio and the above 2. Daz Studio is free, and Bryce is less than $100. The quality tho looks to be middle-of-the-road. Probably good enough for what i’m planning 🙂

3074. daniel said in May 24th, 2009

Vue looks to be a souped-up version of Bryce. Both are specifically for landscapes and clouds, but Vue looks to be the heavy hitter, and Bryce for the hobbyist. Terragen 2 is also specifically for landscapes, but looks quite difficult to learn.

3153. daniel said in July 31st, 2009

Quidam is software used to make changes to the mesh of models you have. Daz seems to use the main two models – Michael4 and Victoria4, and while they are “morphable”, i don’t see any easy ways to change their basic looks. This software will allow basically unlimited changes in facial and body features. Perhaps it could be used to make many different kinds of angels etc. Cost is 199euro.

3283. daniel said in November 7th, 2009

Blacksmith3D is a paint-on application to “paint textures with Alpha Masks (RGBA)
paint across UV seams as if they didn’t exist
use the Clone Tool for easy texturing
auto UV map virtually any object with a click of a single button
use the smudge & blur tools to paint across seams
use the Soft Selection Tool to paint, morph & smooth your polygonal model ”
Suite 150cad.

3294. daniel said in November 22nd, 2009

3D Coat is powerful “sculpting” software. It is available for 235usd.
What makes this program so interesting, besides the nice features, is the story behind the man who programmed this software – Andrew Shpagin.
He writes “Currently we work as a separate company, independently designing 3D-Coat and game project “The Pilgrim’s Progress” based on the book by John Bunyan under the same name where 3D-Coat is used for character detailing.

Right at that time my wife had an idea — to make a game based on John’s Bunyan «The Pilgrim’s Progress». We wanted to tell people about the Christ interesting and not obsessively, especially to those who would even hold the Bible in his hands. Me and some of my friends gathered to think about the concept of the game and the script. That was rather nontrivial because in the book the way of Christian was perfectly streight, so what gameplay could we do in the game? There are a lot of dialogs in the book but unlikely reading of big dialogs would be interesting for those who play. Then a lot of ideas appeared. For example, an idea of «assignment» of initial character and set of bad habbits, and for a player it becomes a taks to find different ways to motivate and reform heroes’ character to save him from the upcoming furious historical events and death eventually.”
His passion for Christ is beautiful to read, and his obvious skill in programming should be rewarded. Who knows, maybe in the future he will design a “Great Controversy” game???!

3913. daniel said in July 15th, 2010

Today i got my free copy of Carrara Pro 7 included in 3D Artist magazine. Now i really need to get a new computer,,,and get to work!!!

4178. daniel said in August 2nd, 2010

Bryce 7 Pro just came out,
and is 50usd until August 16, 2010. The Instancing thing looks great. The art some people are coming up with is really amazing:

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