thai 1858 great controversy printed!!

p displaying thai 1858 great controversyThe following is a email from the above lady who translated the 1858 Great Controversy into Thai:

And i went ahead with the printing. 2 days before the day i received a call confirming that the seminar would not postpone. It was actually the school’s (Chiang Mai Adventist Academy) week of prayers, and in the evening the literature and the three angels message club made a special program, like talk about health and food, talk about this gc1858, music, natural theraphy, etc. I was scheduled to talk on Tuesday 3 February from 5-7pm, but when it came to reality i was able to talk only for 30minutes! I could only introduce the book and told how it came to thai language. I planned to give 1-2 chapters study with the students, but no time. Anyway, we sold about 54 books for 2 days. Praise God! 🙂

The book looked similar to the english ones which were printed in Malaysia, a bit thicker maybe, but quite strong binding. I don’t like its cover quality tho, since after often reading, the color went fading. 🙁 We thanked God that we printed only 1,000 copies (actually received 70 copies more for free) and we know now what we want to improve next time. I want to send you a copy. Can i send to H’s address? 🙂 – 130 baht – ut oh! Kidding! 🙂

Last Sabbath we all worshiped at Eden garden in Mae Taeng. I gave gc1858 study of chapter 17 and 20 in the afternoon for about 80 minutes. Praise God for His leading! After finished, some brothers/sisters told me that they felt awaken while i was talking. And some even asked to do it more. Many young people likes ask-answer style and most of the time they were active coming in front and reading aloud at the microphone. Between the chapters i invited those children from Praow to sing a practiced love song. They all enjoyed. 🙂 M was there, too, and he gave me some advices how i should talk. People came to Eden on that Sabbath over hundred, but less than every time. I was told that many falled. 🙁

After Sabbath and before we left for Bangkok we found out that we sold about 88 copies at Eden. 🙂 But i gave 20% discount same like at Chiangmai Adventist Academy. We took about 160 copies back with and i plan to go to BACC (Bangkok Adventist Chinese Church) and talk with Pastor S for its promoting tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Pastor Sa– adviced me that maybe i should go around thailand to promote this book! – Oh!!! Well, if that’s God’s will, i will do it. 🙂

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  1. Hi there

    what God Has accomplished through you is awesome!! I recently returned from Thailand and meet a few people that could do with some thai copies of GC book. Do you have any spare as I would love to purchase some off you.

    God bless

  2. Well, you have really made me happy today, Chris-san. I tried to go to the web site you input, but couldn’t find it. I’ll send you a email soon with the contact info of the Thai translator lady in the pic above, who i’m sure will be delighted to help you get some books 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to send you some copies, Chris. Please let me know where i can send them away. Besides, it almost runshot!!! :O

  4. Hi Patchara & Daniel,
    Praise God for the work that has been done in getting the GC translated and printed in Thai.
    I am from NZ but in Chachoengsao for work for about 3 months.
    Have not been able to find any SDA’s in this area. But would like to see if I can help in any way with getting the Thai GC books distributed or printed. Jesus is coming soon an the Thai are such lovely people how certainly need these books.
    Your brother in Christ Jesus

  5. Rose Ann McCutchen

    Hi… May I ask if there is an ongoing printing of Great Controversy? If not, May I have a copy of the soft copy for me to find a way to continue the production of it…?

    Thank you so much.
    Rose Ann McCutchen

  6. Rose, I need more information from you. Are you SDA? Have you read this book? Are you Thai or know the Thai language or maybe living in Thailand?

    What is your desire to do with this most precious book?

    If you are really interested in spreading these holy words of God to more people in the Thai language, it would be a great pleasure to work with you. ☺

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