Youtube deletes my entire channel, no real reason given (Reinstated!)

Well, knowing how Progressive Youtube is (meaning totalitarian), I was kind of expecting them to take down my videos one day for telling the truth as it is in the Bible, but this is just weird. I got an email today saying that “Google アカウント は、Google ポリシーに違反する行為に使われていたと思われるため、無効となりました”.

Which says that I’ve gone against their policy, so my account (Earlysda) is unavailable anymore. Just now, in checking, I see that not only are all my 100+ videos gone with their 800K+ views, but that all my comments on all other peoples’ videos are gone too. It’s like my 11 years on Youtube has been erased in an instant.

I hope Youtube fixes this, but since Google is such an evil company, I will count myself lucky if I don’t get either a police knock on the door, or a hitman who will run me off the road.

If anyone knows another video sharing service, please let me know.

Updated morning of March 16: When I woke up this morning, wondering what to do, I did a search on the net for my most viewed video. I clicked on the link, expecting it to show that the video had been deleted, but it displayed normally!

So what happened? I don’t know, but here is my guess. The day before this happened, I made some comments on videos regarding Stephen Hawking’s death, that he was a poor scientist because there cannot, by definition, be more than one black hole in a universe. And also, he fought God,
so basically he wasted his life, but I hope he repented before he died. Probably someone got royally upset at that, reported me to Youtube for “hate speech”, and they quickly deleted my account. When a human actually checked the facts, they saw that I had don’e nothing wrong,
and reinstated my account.

But I have learned from this, that if I want to help keep my videos up, which I know will be taken down when the Sunday Law question starts becoming agitated, I need to either stop commenting on other articles on Youtube, or else comment under a different name.

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