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268342. Shireen said in October 11th, 2016

I have watched the movie twice. I was touched by the emotions of the characters. I appreciated understanding more about the historical details and the values of the pioneers.

I watched the movie with caution, but I’m not sure I have as strong objections as those given in this article.

I thought it was interesting that I experienced goose bumps each time I watched the scenes of Ellen White in vision.

Still making up my mind about the movie…

268347. Shireen said in October 11th, 2016

Further, I too shed tears while watching the movie. It is certainly a soul-stirring narrative. However, I assumed that I was watching believers act the parts of the pioneers and Ellen White. It is only since reading this article that I have learned otherwise.
If I had known that they were worldly actors, perhaps my emotional response would have been more reserved.
Why couldn’t actors who actually believe the Sabbath doctrine and Adventist theology be used for such an important project? Wouldn’t they communicate emotions, attitudes and values better than worldly actors?

268420. Shireen said in October 12th, 2016
268426. Shireen said in October 12th, 2016

I said earlier that I watched the movie with caution. One of the things that made me wary was the DVD cover which depicts the character of Ellen White standing in a field with the sun behind her and a single tree in the field. The lone tree, I understand is a pagan symbol. It could be completely neutral but if, as Mr Ebens points out, the producers also make horror movies, it is quite possible that they have coded their beliefs and values in the movie.
One more thing that made me uncomfortable was the ‘spooky’ music which accompanied some of the visions.

269193. daniel said in October 16th, 2016

Yes, Shireen, knowing the background of some of the producers/writers/actors in the movie, does play a part in understanding how they are trying to condition us to “feel” about the movie.

We need to be on our toes with our truth antennas up, even with (especially with!?) our own SDA organizations’ works.

270073. Shireen said in October 20th, 2016

In this particular case does “being on our toes with our truth antennas up” entail a) rejecting the movie outright or b) redeeming parts of it? Can we watch the movie with ‘our eyes wide open’?

272505. daniel said in October 30th, 2016

For me, movies are just another form of media. Just as we should be careful in which books we read, we should be careful in which movies we watch. Movies are very powerful, so we must be extra careful when watching them.

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