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3278. ediebedie said in October 30th, 2009

hey! I love to hear that you are re doing the translation in chinese. I am an american living in mexico working as a colportor. There are many chinese living here and I will be able to offer this translation to them. awesome! please send me info to get some copies. schlbusdriver yahoo.com. call me anytime.

3279. daniel said in October 30th, 2009

Well that sounds great! Email coming your way.

308209. heavenboundearthlings said in July 6th, 2017

Please send more updated info. I want copies to translate in an African language Spanish and others please

309785. daniel said in July 24th, 2017

OK, here is an update as of July 24, 2017. The Tibetan ,Bhutanese, Mizo, and French versions never got done.
The Myanmar, Thai, and Romanian version did get done.
The Chinese version didn’t get done by anyone I’m connected with, but was translated by someone in China who I contacted for use on my website.
The 4 above-mentioned versions, along with others, are available for free at http://www.earlysda.com
The Spanish edition is available, but needs to be redone.
The book needs to be in many African languages, but everyone I’ve sent money to in Africa to do that work, has not done it.
The big languages in the world that it still needs to be translated into are:
1. French
2. Portuguese
3. Arabic
Someone needs to carefully proofread the Russian version also.
Any help that can be given to spread God’s eternal words, would be greatly appreciated.

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