150million usd 3d animation “up”

Disney is coming out with a new 3D movie called “Up”.
“Up” movie trailer

The cost to produce? – 150,000,000 usd. Do i really think i can somehow make something that people will want to watch for about 0.0005 of that amount? I know the Lord can do mighty things with small amounts, so i will still go forward in faith.

What i’m thinking of now, is getting training in India, and then developing a small Bible-centered training school for young people. Maybe we could have a program where we do say
2 hours agriculture
2 hours Bible study
2 hours medical missionary
rest of time 3D animation training and work

This would provide young people with “industrial education”, along with the fundamental courses necessary to be an effective worker for Christ in these end times. The goal would be to get young people trained to have a heart and desire to use these computer skills in the work of the Lord.

Regarding the movie making itself — I’m thinking more of doing something like the “Two Crowns” vision first, to see what can be done, and then based on reaction to that, and hopefully to a steady progression of skills, and also hopefully of attracting more talented people, we can get to work on making the 1858 Great Controversy movie. My idea for that is more of a “moving picture book”, as i want to avoid all drama.

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  1. Recently i signed up to two forums – Renderosity, and 3D Daz. I also purchased a book from the latter company. It is a tutorial, and includes the software Hexagon and Carrara 6, both of which may be very useful in making an animated movie.
    This 3D Daz company looks to have the best “middle-grade” 3D software. I’m quite interested in taking a spin on it myself, and see if it looks possible to get something done with it. I still don’t understand why they have Bryce, Daz Studio, Hexagon, and Carrara tho… maybe different niches they are designed for, as i see especially Bryce is for landscapes.
    TrueSpace looks too complicated, and i can’t find good enough tutorials or nice examples of what can be done with it in animation, so am losing interest in it.
    Maya and 3ds Max and Cinema 4D and Houdini tho are way too complex for me to think of mastering within 2 years, by which time i hope to have a good grasp of some “middle-road” software, and already actively making 3D movies.
    iclone looks to be very easy to use, but the motions look too jerky, and the scenes are kind of a mix between 2D and 3D – maybe good for a couple of minutes, but sure not for a whole movie. However, the software may be excellent to make up a storyboard to flesh out ideas to make in more robust software.

  2. Dear Daniel,
    Where are you located ? If you are in the US there are many places that you can go to school.I am in Bermuda.

  3. I’m located i guess wherever my backpack is. Sorry, but that’s as specific as i know myself. I came into Bulgaria today, and will be taking a bus tonite to Turkey, hoping to be in Georgia on Thursday.

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