pope and jan paulsen in common

Just found something on the net i didn’t know before. It makes me disgusted about my beloved SDA church…..
Leader of the Seventh-day Adventist church, Jan Paulsen, received some of his schooling at the same school the pope did! The University of Tubingen is also the school: “which initiated historical analysis of Biblical texts, an approach also generally referred to as the higher criticism”!

We must put a stop to this madness of getting our leaders from Satan’s schools!

Edited on Aug 26,2012 – the following link is dead:

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  1. That webpage is horribly misinformed. A German university is a cluster of schools, or faculties. Tuebingen has a Catholic faculty, or school, as well as a Protestant faculty. It says clearly that Paulsen studied with the Protestant faculty. It’s more important to ask who his doktorvater was, and the nature of his dissertation.

  2. The insinuations of this article are outrageous. That fact that Paulsen attended Tubigen doesn’t mean that he compromised his faith anymore than the fact that Daniel attended the University of Babylon means that he compromised his. I believe these men were able to take what they learned and sift the wheat from the chaff using scripture.

    FYI, Paulsen’s prof at Tubigen was Jurgen Moltmann–a man who helped bring a strong end-time focus back to theological circles.

  3. I think, it doesn’t matter where Jan Paulsen and Samuele Bacchiocchi, get there degrees/formal education. The most important question is, do the Holy Spirit leads them?

    Base on the bible, where did Paul (before that “Saul”) study? What happen to him before and after receiving Christ?

    May god bless you.

  4. ABC, Pastor David, and New Missionary:
    It is amazing to think that someone can be Seventh-day Adventist as i guess you three are, and not see any problem in our leader going to the same school that the leader of the mother harlot went to!!

    What is the point of having SDA schools at all then? Was all this “coming out”, and “being peculiar” just a mistake by God in the 19th century? Are we really so much smarter today?

    I highly recommend a book called “Education” written by Ellen White. This is God’s revealed will for how we should educate:

  5. 1) Can you explain why some ex-SDA left the church, although they had been educated in an Adventist institute? Some of them become pastors in other denominations.

    2) I agree that maybe there will be some concern about having pastor that are educated from other university. The mission should be very careful when offering a person to works in field. But should we reject someone that are truly repent and guided by the Holy Spirit to work in God’s field.

    3) Most area in the world does not have a SDA School. We should give more offering and donate more so we can open more of SDA School and higher learning.

    4) We should not underestimate God. He is omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence (Psalm 139). SDA is His Remnant Church. His Beloved church. He knows what happening in His Church. He knows about every leader, workers and members in His church. And He has the power to appoint the person to be the GC President. Although Satan trying to work his plan, but God surely will not let His church wandering. Maybe God has a special means to appoint Jan Paulsen and Samuele Bacchiocchi. We may not yet know why now, but I believe someday God will show us. But as a Christian we should carefully accept what has been teach to us from our pastors. We should know what is true and what is wrong.

    May the Holy Spirit will lead us all.

  6. New Missionary, I will try to answer the best i can.
    1. Some people fall away from the truth, like my oldest brother, like Judas, etc.
    2. This is a difficult question, but i believe that if someone truly repents, even if they have a theology degree from another denomination, PERHAPS they are acceptable in God’s eyes to be a shepherd of the flock. I would consider this quite rare tho. This is why God raised up the School of the Prophets in ancient Israel’s day, and why he wants us SDAs to have our own educational system today.
    3. Amen and amen! It is a travesty that many countries i travel around to have had an SDA influence for 100 years, yet there are very few schools/medical facilities/publishing houses/or even members!
    4. If this is true, then all the Christians in the Dark Ages should have just accepted what the popes and priests told them, and Martin Luther and others did a bad thing by “Protest” ing. No brother, we must raise our voices against sin in the church. God burned down the Battle Creek sanitarium and Review and Herald office once before. May we learn our lesson, and repent.
    Even our SDA schools are so compromised with accreditation (conforming to the world’s standards) that it is very difficult to get a real Godly education from our own schools. We must get back to the blueprint, and start lots of little Bible-training schools out in the countryside, mixing with it a large dose of medical missionary training. And the course should not be long – maybe 2 years max. I would love to help get our SDA church back on track in education, and away from compromising with the world 🙂

  7. Liberal/Ecumenical Gibberish is what has ‘many’ blinded by the false light, and “new theology”.
    As one person pointed out what was the 1844 – Three Angel’s Message? To unite with the world and join the marrying and giving in marriage, and ‘celebrating’ with the Vatican II enthusiasts?

    Read you Bibles brethren, Jesus warned us not to be deceived. What was He talking about? Wolves in sheep’s clothing. If you see such False Prophets, need you any further explanation? If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and has a bill like a duck; it’s a duck. Now, substitute the duck for Jesuit. And you’ll, maybe, understand. May God bless you all. Read your Bibles, please. For example Isaiah 59***.

  8. By getting his training outside of God’s will, Jan Paulsen did willingly place his feet on Satan’s path. Now whether it can be said he is a Jesuit or not, i don’t know.

    Frankly, i’m tired of all the people who pin all the world’s problems on the Jesuits. That is NOT the message the Remnant people have. Have you ever read “The Secret Terrorists”? What a bunch of garbage, that makes the 3 Angels’ Messages look ridiculous.

  9. The end never justifies the means. BA’s, MD’s, PHD’s never make anyone more qualfied to lead a body of believers. I am suprised that Mr. Paulsen chose to have his intentions questioned by attending such a school after he had already received an adventist education. It doesn’t matter whether their was a protestant side and a catholic side, the place IS steeped in the “lets just all get along” soup.

    Mr. Paulsen should have considered the cost to his reputation as an SDA and the division it would put into our ranks. That is love.

    As we progress toward Christ coming back it seems to me that our church morality has gone down. Is this maybe because were so smart that we have figured out how to love God and each other without primative Godliness?

    Depending on which side of the fence your own some consider the church to be doing well. Numbers are the guide to success.

  10. This is the kind of stuff that turns people off! Alll the finger pointing and bantering!
    Being an SDA I can tell you this is not the sort of information that wants me to straighten up and fly right! Let us run to Rock of our salvation and remember that jesus probably wrote something about all of us in the sand!

  11. Only 144,000 receive the seal of God in their foreheads, Angora. What are they doing that God sees fit to give them the seal? Please read Ezekiel chapter 9.

  12. ummmm….you know daniel was castrated and taken to Babylon rather againsth his own inclination. So, unless good ol’ Jan sings soprano I think there is a problem.

  13. The persons who dug up these things and placed them on the internet is just advancing the work of the enemy. They are trying to cause distrust and disunity in the church of God.

    You will not prevail.

  14. Have you ever read the book of Jeremiah? How about Isaiah or Ezekiel? If there is something incorrect in what is shown, please point it out. If it is correct, then be careful that you too go about “sighing and crying” for all the abominations done in our beloved Seventh-day Adventist church – or else the sealing angel of God will pass us by…

  15. Let’s keep an eye on these guys but don’t do as a lot of ex-SDA do. Most of the people that leave the SDA church do what satan wants them to do, forget about the real 3 angels message, forget about preaching the gospel and focus on attacking the SDA church. I know some people that their sole preaching material is “The Secret Terrorist” and books of that nature. Please pray to God almighty so you do his will.


  16. thanx angore and whynottruth for your forward and intelligent statements,
    it gives hope to the surprised reader of all the rest! just imagine a european reads all this , especially the article about paulson and tuebingen – what impression does he get about american sda`s ?
    …..and christ is getting lost in the meanwhile……….
    it reminds me of this saying:” everybody for himself – and god against all – guess who wins ?

  17. The above Daniel seems to speak from a Lion’s den that keeps him from seeing anything but lions.

    The prophet Daniel is focussing on Gods kingship, especially His faithfulness and protection. He is a God who comes to gather his people and put an end to evil. Faith is about trust in this God and His mighty works. Fear is the opposite of faith. A person who fears is “of little faith” as Jesus would say. Fear occurs when we, like Peter once did, takes our eyes from Jesus, God’s saving power, and looks at the waves of the sea instead (or the sharks getting ready to take a bite).

    I suggest to begin this new year with less focus on potential enemies, redirect your mind on our God who has concurred the evil one. Worship Him and show that in the way you talk and behave!

  18. Paul, Let’s do what Ezekiel 9 says and sigh and cry for all the abominations done in Israel. If we don’t, we will not receive the seal of God in the forehead.

  19. Daniel, Ez 8 describes the plight of the people of Jerusalem: worshipping other gods/idols and doing violence/injustice. This is truly an abomination to the Lord. This had been the very reason why the people of Israel were led into captivity (see 2 Kings and Micah 2).

    Note however that at the time of this prophecy the people of Israel were already taken to Babylon in captivity. So these people in Jerusalem described in Ez 9 were Jews that had not been taken into captivity by the Babylonians. That only happened during the second siege.

    Ezekiel was deported to Babylon, along with King Jehoiachin, during this second siege of Jerusalem. Ezekiel was about 8 years old at the time of his deportation.

    Ezekiel was a prophet with a message to the Israelites in Babylon, not to the people in Jerusalem (Jeremiah had this task).

    An important clue to Ez 9 is the message in Ez 11, esp. verse 14. The captives in Babylon hear this message. They hear that the people that were left in Jerusalem began saying that the deported people should not come back. This must have been very discouraging. This left the captives wondering if my own family is saying this, what can we expect from the Lord. And now Ezekiel comes with a message of hope. The Lord had different plans! The Lord’s heart always goes out to his people. When they repent He will take them back.

    This teaches us something. God’s mercy is incomprehensible and cannot be measured by any human standards. Even family ties cannot measure up. Jesus reminds us of the very same thing.

    So when Ezekiel pronounces judgement on the inhabitants of Jerusalem in chapter 9, it is important to note that he acts within a larger framework. He has a role as a prophet for the captives in Babylon. And in that role Ezekiel had been given a message of hope: God still cares for his people, even though their own family (in Jerusalem) had forsaken them. Ezekiel wanted to ascertain them: The Lord will bring you back. (And we know that he did.)

    The important thing here is to keep our focus on God and his mighty works. His migthy works (to save His people) are good news (translation of the greek word for ‘gospel’) what we need to proclaim to all people.

    1 Pet. 2:9 sums it all up:
    But you are God’s chosen and special people. You are a group of royal priests and a holy nation. God has brought you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Now you must tell all the wonderful things (mighty deeds) that he has done. The Scriptures say, “Once you were nobody. Now you are God’s people. At one time no one had pity on you. (even your own family in Jerusalem). Now God has treated you with kindness”.

  20. Well the buck stops at this, the choice is in your hands no one is forced to believe or ignore this but know this you will be alone at the judgement day you wont be with the church or with the ones debating here. It is a known fact that Jesuits are being trained every single day to be put in the church to bring it down it doesnt matter where and how but our God in Heaven always is with us warning us and leading us in the right way. The devil will always be ashamed and exposed always!! Just be patient for God to do it. I believe our leadership was long ago infiltrated. Rem, the outcry about the cross on the church’s logo it was brushed aside. Whether the Jesuits testing whether we in the church are awake or just testing their powers is a matter of time and God is exposing satan’s works in the church. We all need to pray diligently for these are the LAST DAYS and THE END is NIGH. God be with us all.

  21. Misionera venezuela

    He leido cuidadosamente cada uno de sus comentarios y la verdad es que considero que la biblia es muy clara y no da espacio a ambiguedades, el nemigo de las almas busca tergiversar las escrituras y enseñar una nueva teologia, pero Jesus no, la verdad es indiscutible e innalterable. en tal sentido sostengo:
    1.-Daniel, Jose y Pablo, si es cierto que estudiaron fuera con los paganos, pero en el caso de los dos primeros no fue por que quisieron, sino, porque estaban cautivos, era una situacion de exclavitud, ellos no escogieron ese camino y el ultimo (Pablo) estudio fuera con los paganos por que no conocia a Dios y cuando lo conocio como es bien sabida la historia, cambio todo, incluso su manera de pensar. A diferencia de Jan Paulsen a el nadie lo obligo a ir para alla (Universidad de Tubingen-Alemania) el solo fue y se matriculo, asi que en esto no cabe la historia de Daniel ni de Jose. y cuando fue a inscribirse a estudiar su Doctorado, les recuerdo ya era Adventista del Septimo dia y Pastor ademas, es decir, sabia muy bien ya lo que dice el Espiritu de la porfecia en relacion a la educacion adventista y el fue alla haciendo caso omiso de las instrucciones divinas, asi que no es el caso tampoco de Pablo, pues pablo cuando conocio la verdad se aparto del error, cosa que Jan Paulsen no hizo.
    2.- Elena de White predice la infiltracion de Jesuitas a la obra de Dios, en sus escritos, por favor lean para que nadie los engañe!!! y la verdad es que en tubingen lo que predominan son los jesuitas y masones, para eso es la universidad, para enseñar sus ideologias y socavar la verdad de la biblia.
    3.- Jesus dijo por sus frutos lo conocereis, y la verdad es que evaluando a la iglesia adventista nos damos cuenta que el ecumenismo ha entrado en la denominacion, ya cantamos la misma musica del protestantismo apostata, aplaudismo y bailamos dentro de las iglesias como los pentecostales, y hasta los anillos (simbolos babilonicos) se estan utilizando, todos amparados por la iglesia y sus lideres, Dios viene a buscar a una iglesia pura, sin manchas y sin ningun parecido a la ramera (iglesia Catolica) en tal sentido en vez de mejorar la iglesia en su condicion de laudicense mas bien ha estado empeorando, lo que dice que su dirigencia esta dañada.
    4.- El remante de Dios es un pueblo que se mantendra limpio y solo ante la prueba de engaño, tu hoy por tus comentarios y decision estaras poniendote de lado de satanas o de lado de Dios, recuerda Dios es el mismo de ayer y sera el mismo mañana, estudienmos al Dios de la biblia y sigamoslo a el y no a los hombres, pues solo Dios es quien salva.
    5.- Jan Paulsen, es un infiltrado jesuita, el cree en el nuevo orden mundial y en la santificacion del domingo, hacia ya va la direccion de la iglesia adventista, busquen por google las iglesias adventistas que actualmente estan adorando el sabado y el domingo y la misma conferencia general los apoya!!! este es el momento de aferrarse a Dios y depender de El.

  22. The point one should focus on is Jan Paulsen decided to attend a school also attended by who is now Pope Benedict, AFTER receiving an SDA education from what is now Andrews University. WHY?


    Alfaxad mussa chacha.mara confernce tanzania.
    As education director of conference My conference is among of the conference with many sda schools in ECD.We need to join hands to make sure that our schools are offering quality education. We as leaders of the church we have to choose where we are taking our education. Help us to build science labarotories so that our children will not wander in the academic desert.God bless as all.

  24. hey guys, i researched about JP myself about a month ago and found out about the Tubingen Univ thing… last sabbath, as in last sabbath here in Loma Linda (Jan 22, 2010) He came to spoke, and the tone and the direction of his “testimony” is very obvious (to me) that there was a taste of ecumenical movement…

  25. DigitalPraise7 – That is a VERY interesting point. imc, thank you for the first-hand experience. You know, i was riding the train from Bangkok to Butterworth yesterday, thinking how Br. Paulsen used the word “inclusive” to describe his vision of our future SDA church. This is exactly what the Buddhist religion does – it accepts anything and everything, morphing it to its tastes (Hinduism does too). Yet Jesus Christ said he is the ONLY WAY to heaven. That is very, very “exclusive” wouldn’t you say?

  26. imc, i see where Adventist News Network has a story about what happened at Loma Linda last Sabbath:

    There was Bert Beach who in 1977 presented a gold medal to the pope on behalf of Seventh-day Adventists (was it paid for with tithe?), Reinder Bruinsma who says the Adventist church has “ecumenical tendencies”, and retired University of Tübingen missiology professor Peter P.J. Beyerhaus, a Lutheran, under whom Paulsen studied while earning his doctorate.
    Now what kind of message to you think our President is going to give, seeing who his teachers and friends are?
    Please repent Jan Paulsen, and turn to Jesus Christ with all your heart, soul, and might.

  27. Wandering amongst the disimformation of this world gives me pause to reflect upon axioms that seem to sum things up quite succinctly. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck . . . A variation on Oakhams razor: All given possibilities within a given correlary, the simplest aolution/answer is the most likely correct.

    That being said, what business have we as Adventists matriculating to a Catholic/Jesuit education institution for further education? No matter if it has been declared protestant in nature. Let us study their frutis from afar and let THEM come to OUR universities and study our ideologies.

    If there is an ardent search for truth in this “hell that is”, The tapestry of ecumenism would look much different.

    I say, let them cast off their pagan vestments and walk with the truth. Try it on for a bit.

    We know of course, that this will never be. For the very nature of their status demands choice to blindly adhere to alternate ideology. Replete with Worldly rewards and fearsome consequences for the wayward disciple.

    I fear that the infiltrators are by their fruit, transparent as glass

  28. Matthew 24 – JESUS IS COMING
    This is the 7th letter (e-mail) some of you have received since 10\299. God’s Messages have remained constant.
    On 9\248 God’s message was to get out of the city by 10\108
    On 10\108 God’s message was Ezekiel 24
    Events that occurred on 10\108 – 1. Stock market crash 2. Personal 3. S.D.A. World division met in the Philippines and launched Bible going around the world.
    God’s explanation of what happened on 10\108 is Ezekiel chapters 3 – 7
    Operation Global Rain – a call for all S.D.A. Churches to pray for the Latter Rain during 2006 – 2008 was ordained of God for Revival and Reformation.
    A series of CD’s on Matthew 24 released by Pastor Stephen Bohr from Secrets Unsealed Ministries revealed symbolically portrayed events paralleling my church’s experience from May 2006 through October 2009 [3 1\2 yr] period.
    119 – The Shut Door – as it was in the days of Noah –Luke 19:42-44
    6\15\10 God revealed that the Bible going around the world was the Abomination of Desolation
    mentioned in Daniel 9:27; 11:31; 12:11 and Matthew 24:15
    1\22\10 Bible was in Haiti on the day of the devastating earthquake. God’s message was Isaiah chapters 24 & 25.
    ———-Rest was deleted by webmaster

  29. Ruth, Please turn to God. Your writing is either of an unbalanced mind, or of a demon. Look to Jesus, he will heal you 🙂

  30. I have read some of the first comments though few of them but like a brother gave an example to consider Paul before he met Jesus, We never determine the future so we must thank God that Jan Paulsen received God’s Grace n we must not criticize. and i may say that unless those who criticize are fallen believers other wise its is God’s Grace that works in all of us,
    May god Bless you brothers and Sisters

  31. For those of you that do not see this as an issue, or think that he studied in the protestant portion of the school, have not studied.
    Jan has been pushing for the ordination of women in the church, a clear violation of the Bible.
    This man is part of satan’s work to tear apart the church.

  32. only one small error in your statement about Ratzinger and Paulsen. do the research Ratzinger was a teacher at Tubingen when Paulsen was there.

  33. The Seventh-day Adventist Church and Catholicism are diabolically opposed. The bible is replete with God calling his out from among the heathen. Why would it be any different now? Tubingen University is well known in Europe for the study of plant biology, medicine, law, archeology, ancient cultures, philosophy and theology. Are there no schools in America that offers these discipline? The wisdom of God is more desirable than the knowledge of man. Solomon was wiser than ALL. There was no need to aquire Jesuit training. We see the fruits of his labor manifested in women’s ordination. Let us be vigilant and keep our eyes on Jesus. God bless us all.

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