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if it isn’t God’s will…..

if it isn’t God’s will… won’t happen!????
There is probably a specific theological or philosophical term for this phenomenon, but not being well-versed in either language, i just came up with this title to describe this.  No doubt this has been around a long time, but i don’t recall coming across it until December 2006, then again in January this year, and then again this week.  While hoping that these occurrences are isolated, and aren’t the start of a new trend, i write this to inform others of this type of thinking, and invite and encourage responses.

mistakes in the bible?

This experience happened at a campmeeting held in Germany August 6-13 2006.  Because it involves leader-type figures in Seventh-day Adventism, real names have been used so readers of this can be responsibly informed.

David Kang of Light to Live Ministries, and John Davis of Orion Publishing both believe that there are mistakes in the Bible.

While having supper with Brother Kang one evening, i introduced the 1858 Great Controversy book, and showed him a few things after he had asked why i was promoting it.  I told him i believed all the words in it are from God, and showed him one place in chapter 30 where it says what the apostles wrote in the Bible was: “dictated by the Holy Ghost”.  He smiled and said something like: “of course we don’t believe the Bible was dictated do we?”, and when i answered that some, including myself, DO believe that way, he got very serious and said that i was going against the Spirit of Prophecy, and that he would bring me a quote showing that belief was false. 

He said: “Do you believe Paul was inspired when he asked someone to bring his coat?”  I replied in the affirmative.  He continued: “We know that there are some minor mistakes in the Bible.  For example, one writer says Mary Magdalene ran first to the tomb, while others don’t.  Some of the numbers given don’t match up.  And one writer even attributes a quote to Jeremiah when we know it was actually in Isaiah!  Do you believe the Holy Spirit dictated a mistake?”  I replied that “the Holy Spirit doesn’t contradict himself, and that we, being 2,000 years removed, may not know exactly the details of why that was given that way.  Just as with Paul’s coat, that exact phrase that the Holy Spirit had Paul write may have been just the thing to convince some doubter living at that time of the authenticity of that letter that it was indeed from Paul.”

whose missionary?

The Qur’an is from Satan.
Saying this raised a storm of controversy this Friday evening at Vespers at the Bangkok Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

A church member is sponsoring a man from the Philippines to have an English language school at the church for missionary purposes.  This man, R, was once a missionary to the Muslims in the southern Philippines on some Muslim-dominated island, perhaps Jolo.  He was one of a group of 4 who helped establish a Seventh-day Adventist Muslim church there (no joke).

sermon – honor the king

Romans 13:1-7
1Peter 2:13-14

The Bible says to obey the government and rulers, but should we obey them all the time?

Daniel 3:8-18
Daniel 3:19-27
Daniel 3:28-30

Acts 5:17-18
Acts 5:19-20
Acts 5:27-28
Acts 5:29

1Timothy 2:1-3