Letter from Kalimpong, India
Kalimpong, India SDA church school's new jeep bot in January, 2000:)  Second from the right is the pastor/principal of this place.

See more pics of Kalimpong (near Darjeeling)

They finally got the funds my brother and i sent them for the 4WD.

The most recent emails are at the bottom. Updated 2003/3/8

The following is an email from the place in the Himalayan foothills that i went to in August '98. They treated me very well and i REALLY felt their sincere desire to spread the gospel as God desires. This email was received June 2, 1999. It's "as received" with the exception of people's names being removed.

Dear Brother Daniel,

Greeting and best wishes to you from Kalimpong SDA church and school family members. I have received your 2 letter and I respond once but sorry for not receiving my mail. Now it is easy for ys to communicate since you ahve sent your email address moreover, we always remember you and the contribution amde for our Kalimpong SDA church.

On February we had 12 baptism currently we are giving Bible studies to 25 candidates from Bhuddhist and Muslim community. The Bible you contributed gave us great help for the begginers and the new candidates. Your coming to Kaimpong was a great blessing for us and we hope our living God will always give you and a sucess and sound health. Our hostel orphan and semi-orphan children always remember you. The ball which you had given to them is still using with care and also they share with other new friends.

Regarding my family we are okey. Last month we were in Kathmandu SDA Hostel for 3 weeks for my wife operation. She is okey and improving. My daughter ________ is fine and she is reading in L.K.G. (Lower Kindergarden).

Our church and school Ministry is going asusal still we are unable to have transportation facilities. I have told to our managing authority provide basic need they are facing financial problem in the church to slove our problem. If you can do something for our remanant church the gospel may be reach to the unreach areas. Moreover, the ministry can expand and we can have good fellowship in this neglected hill. We always pray to our lord to open the way for his glory.

Well when did you return from states. We hope you had a good time with your loves one. We really appreciate and thank you for your concern and love for our brethren. Remembering you always in prayer the work you are doing at present.

Till then bye and hoping to hear from you soon though email or mail.

Yours brother in christ, ______
Kalimpong SDA School

This email was received June 22, 1999.

Thank you for sending Email dated June 17,1999. It is nice to know you are trying to translate the 1858 Great Controversy into Japanese and we encourage you to carry on the process. We are confident that it will give a great blessing for the new coming generation as they go through.

We have completed first tern examination and now we are busy with second term curriculum . Simultaneously we are also engaged in cottage meeting in two villages out of Kalimpong. Every evening we go and returned early in the morning. Here in Kalimpong Hill by 7:PM all the shops ,public transpotation and business are close. Therefore, we face lot of difficulties due to none availability of transpotation.

We are really thankful for your kind concern and working hard for our Kalimpong Hill Church aswell as for workers and the belivers to get us one vehicle for church/school ministry. We hope that our major problem which you have seen and experience here in this hill may be fruitful by your kind and generous help.

You were asking how the money may reach us safely ? It would have been excellent if you are able to come physically here at Kalimpong. But it seems you are busy and your holiday leave may not permit you. ........

You have also inquire regarding Email how it reaches to me. I have to pay Rs. 40.00 (IC) sending and receiving mail. I am trying to get private free email as you had suggested and thank you for the good idea. Well, everything is fine and we are enjoying moonson. Nowadays we hardly see tourist since it is off season and we are waiting for September since it is busy and clear season for everybody.

Thank you for your kind help and concern for our Kalimpong Hill Church /School upliftment.

With kind Christian regard.
Sincerely yours,

This email was received December 7, 1999.

We the Darjeeling hill church and school family members would like to say a big Thank you for your kind contribution sending money to buy a Jeep. On December 2,1999 we received the SBI Demand Draft via Division Office amount Rs. 3,29,460/- (IC). we have deposited in our school bank a/c. By next week we will be able to withdraw.

I will be moving down at Siliguri for detail inquiry regarding the vehicle. After purchasing we will give you detail report about it. We really cannot express you our joy for rendering sincer,dedicated help for our hill ministry. We cannot give you anything in return but your love will be always remembered by us and we will continue to pray to our Living God to give you good health and abundant blessing in your day to day service.

Currently we are engaged in theten village programme. During this winter holiday we plan to conduct cottage meeting in 10 different villages in Bengal Region and Darjeeling hill. Our hostel little children always remember you and the bouncing ball you had given to them is carefully kept with them. Every evening after the class they play and keep back safely for next day . Our little children sent their love and greeting to you.

Well we are experiencing winter and christmast too nearing. People are preparing for the 1999 farewell and the x-mast to Brother Danny really we would like to meet with you someday and we are praying that our loving God may do the need for HIS servant. My dady eye operation is sucessful and he is still at Kathmandu with my elder brother.

Well, thank you so much for our care and concern for remembering in our ministry and prayer. Once again love and christian regards from ___,my wife and daughter ,_______( Kindly send reply in my hot mail add. -------).

Till then bye.
Yours brother in Christ,
Kalimpong School / Church.

February 25, 2000. A beautiful, heart-felt, little sermon. Thanks to the 4WD, they could go 10km away and get back in one day! Their circle of influence is widening:)

Dear brother Danny,

Greetings and best wishes to you from Kalimpong Church and school family members. We are glad for remembering us in your prayer and thank you lot for concern and encouragement the ministry we are doing in this Darjeeling hill.

Brother we are glad that you are helping and giving sincere service to the old weak church members as "Jesus" had done in this earth. We need to follow His footsteps and be example to other. Nowadays many people are caring self rather than doing service to the needy. When a person does good thing few appreciate it. And let us have strong courage and submit to Him. He will do the rest.

As it is written in John 9:31, Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 and 1 chronicles 16:33 Let us pray to them that Jesus might speak in their heart. We know that end of the world is very near Satan is working hard through people dand our own brethern. Satan does not thing good and evil is always appreciated by him. Therefore let us do the things as it is instructed in Mark 28:19-20

We have redirected letter to you recently in your new address and also jeep photo. Hope you might have received by now. Yesterday we went down 10 km away from Kalimpong and returned back at 10 pm We had a good cottage meeting and really your presence in our campus work through great invisible hand "Jesus" Tomorrow is Sabbath andafter service we plan to go for home and hospital visitation.

Till then bye and see you again in next mail. Kindly send messagein __________@_______ We have not install our internet yet in school. May be by next week we will be able to give you new add. Everything is fine and remembering you in prayer. Wishing you happy Sabbath.

Your brother in christ,

Mail was received April 3, 2000 with pics of a beautiful new 4WD vehicle!
The vehicle was purchased brand new, so the money i sent didn't quite cover the entire cost, but they are somehow able to make monthly payments. They say that thanks to that vehicle, they are able to do evangelistic meetings in places they couldn't feasibly reach before. Praise God!!!

April 23, 2000. Kindly accepts me into the Kalimpong Seventh-Day Adventist church and gives the true motto for every Christian. I asked if they rent the church to non-christians who want to get married and whether or not they accept homeless people into church. He probably misunderstood me a bit, but his response shows clearly how willing he is:)

Dear brother Danny,

Thank you for sending email dated 4-4-2000. As I went through it, I am able to get detail information that you are facing In Osaka Church. I have consulted with our church members regarding transfer of membership and we are glad to accept you anytime. Before that you have to drop your name and inform the Pastor. Rest I will do the needful and you are most welcome to Kalimpong Darjeeling ADventist Church.

Regarding my Daddy, he is fine and able to see with one eye. He got his medical treatment in Kathmandu. Now he is back in India. About translating E.G. White books into Nepalese, my two elder brothers Pr. ___________________________ working under Himalayan Region SDA Kathmandu, Nepal can help.

Brother ________ and his friend are working in Kathmandu. Once I met them in Pr. ____________ home during Sabbath. I Think they are doing independant Gospel outreach. It will be nice if you can help us to teach the Enrich Soul by providing materials, etc.

About resting church to non-christians, till now we have not done. If couples are good and God fearing we can help them. You have asked regarding homeless people. We do keep but keeping in the campus, we need place. If someone can sponsor then we can render our service. Unless we keep other first vow can we preach. Therefore, service above self should be our motto.

Well, thank you for remembering and if you need any information, please let me know. Jesus loves you always. Let us do His will and prepare for His second coming.

Till then, bye.

Yours brother in Christ.

May 8 mail. Quite touching. Doesn't anyone want to do something to help these people get good Christian material?!?!

Dear brother danny,

I have received your email but sorry for the delay. I was in bed far nearly 2 weeks therefore, now I am able to do my regular job. Thank you for your kind love and concern for my old dady and remembering always in your personal prayer the ministry we are doing in this Darjeeling hill. We all are fine and sound in health.

Regarding Church membership we accept you but we need your letter stating that you have the desire to transfer your name to Kalimpong church. We will be proud and glad to include you in our own family members and you are most welcome. Our church gate and door is always open for you. We cannot forget you and your love shown to us. It is our God who brought you to Kalimpong and directed you to do His will. I think whatever is the future plan we are doing it is Hill will. We will be glad if you come and help us to teach English, computer and to spread His Gospel in unreach villages in the Darjeeling Hill. Sometime I am upset and gets discourage after baptism our higher authority never visit us and try to encourage follow up programmes. Even we don't received any printed iterature etc to distribute.

All the church ministry, relief work etc expenses is to be met from the school budget. Till now we don't have any printed SDA literature in Nepali language given to us. We are tryint to contact Nepal Region and hope they may do something well, we do remember you always in our prayer as you continue to complete Great controversy into Japanese. Hope our Lord will guide you or you carry on His service.

Till then bye and hoping to hear from you soon.

Your brother in christ,

January 08, 2001 mail. I had told him i'd pay to have the original great Controversy translated into Nepali. YEA!!

Dear Brother Daniel,

THANK YOU for sending email and came to know in detail. The person translating GC is experience nepali christian man and before that he also translated OLD TESTAMENT INTO NEPALI. I think he will do it better. After completing few chapter I will send for your kind information.

I think what you suggested sending money through ------ will be okey. I can collect from him no problem. Currently I am very busy due to tight school programmes. Down in village about 30 km from kalimpong town we are planning to open one small school. There are 150 orphan and semi-orphan downtrodden hill children unable to get education and also does not know where will there future be.Whole day these small children cut the grass and look after the animals.During cottage meeting village headman requested us to start junior christian school. From February 2001 we are planning to conduct classes from 0 level to 3.

I told to our higher administration but does not take interest to help the poor and needy. I am sad to inform you in our Southern Asia we too have pastors who hate to see downtrodden and homeless people in the church. Our officers are only interested in increasing the church membership and do not take the follow up ministry . Due to these problem new members go away from the church. We had a church meeting and every members will be contributing one week income to support this school. We hope and pray that this small school will continue till JESUS COMES to prepare for HIS SECOND COMING. Kindly remember us in prayer and we too do the same. Jeus love you everyday.

Yours brother in Christ,

February 16, 2001 mail. He is responding to my questions on printing prices for the GC

I have receive your email and came to know all in details. But sorry for not able to give you response due to default in internet server. As you had mentioned a trip to Kathmandu-Nepal during the month of MARCH 2001 to collect fund for GC. Yes, it is possible and there is no problem.

Regarding translation I am planning to verify from 3-4 persons before final print out. Since this will be the first edition which will be in nepali language in the history of a Seventh-day Adventist Org. Moreover,it will circulated all over the world and be in the hand of different types of people/belivers. I will try to do the best to make up-to-date ,thorough and careful revision will be done.

As per your instruction for final print out for 5000 to 10,000 copies. I have inquired in several good printing press. The charges for 5000 copies will be @Rs. 70/- (I.C) and for 10,000 copies will be @Rs. 60/- (I.C). The quality of paper will be good and cover will be thick hard board along with E.G.White photograph. The current value per dollar = Rs. 46/- (I.C). Therefore, to print 5000 copies will be $7,608 and 10,000 will be $13,048. To say cost can be reduce less but quality of paper may be inferior as per the version of the press manager.

I am trying to send you first chapter tanslated into nepali through UPS. Can you give me your add. through email ? You will get the copy within one week. Oh, there are only 144 pages in english but in nepalese it may be about 198 pages. The press owner is asking 25% in advance before the work start. So that he will be confirm and concentrate in our GC nepali book.

Well, we the kalimpong hill church and school family members really appreciate and thank you for taking interest and encouragement to carry on the ministry in this region aswell as in HIMALAYAN Kingdom. Thank you for remembering us in prayer and we too do the same. JESUS LOVE YOU.

March 4, 2001 mail. This is in response to me getting a one-year visa into Japan, and him getting the original Great Controversy input into computer in the Nepali language.

We are very happy to received your email dated 28/02/01 and 02/03/01 . God is so good and caring to His choosen disciples. HE knows that you are the right person to carry on the ministry in that land. GOOD NEWS to know that you are now in Japan and busy with Japanese G.C. translation. Our God is always with you and we do always remember you in our daily prayers.

We are really encouraged by your ministry in that foreign land. It is not that easy for a person to learn japanese and again translate a book. Leaving behind the beloved one and going through the hardship for His ministry . Really God will not forget and instead beautiful mansion will be reserved in His kingdom. Our church members always give your witness to strengthen the faith and follow His footsteps.We pray that love and blessing of Jesus be with you always as you continue to do His ministry.

We thank you for undestanding our situation and also concern in our hill ministry. You have asked few question to continue Nepali G.C. We do have one nepalese lady typist in our school work as an Accountant. This morning we hired one computer engg. from Siliguri and inspected the internal part of CPU. He said that to install nepali software in our comp. along with 10gb HD cost $120. As for me I am very new to this computer eg. software and hardware and now I am slowly learning to used internet and MS WORD AND MS EXCEL.

About Relli Valley Adventist School we have 3 staffs. Two are ladies teachers and one messager cum janitorial. The above teachers get @ $65 X 2 and janitorial $40 per month. About going to Kathmandu by jeep seems to be little expensive for one person. Therefore, bus route may be cheaper and best ...

Once again thank you very much for your kind love and concern for our church ministry in this hill. We do always remember you in our prayer. Love and best wishes from our school/church members and my family members. MARANATHA.

March 8, 2001 mail. Since J. is going to Nepal, i asked this man if he could go and meet him so funds could be transferred safely. There is no good way to send funds to India!!

Dear Brother Danel,

Today at 4 pm I have received your email dated March 6,2001. I came to know the entire message and thank you so much for everything for which I am unable to express my feeling. As you have said that J. of L..News will be available on the 8th and 9th in Kathmandu. Therefore, I am planning to start my journey towards kathmandu tomorrow at 7am morning. I may reach Kathmandu on 9th morning and try to meet him the very day. It will be nice if you kindly send email to J. and J. regarding my appointment.

About GC first chapter printed in nepali is already despatched through speed post. I have instructed b. p. the owner of printing press to send the same through internet hope you might have received it by now. Through UPS it cost Rs. 2500/- and within 4 days it will reached to you but i cancelled since it is too costly therefore, I have sent through speed post at the given add and you my get after 10-15 days.

Regarding my computer I am planning to upgrade and install the nepali language softfare. Thank you for your kind suggestion and it is true that student should learn nepali typing in the computer and we will try to do the needful.I have told to the b. p. owner of the press to reduce printing price and offer him to give the school and the church printing job in future. Moreover , his grandfather and father used to print our nepali church hymns in 1950 but they are no more now.. Yesterday morning I told him in his office all our church /school problem and how we are getting the fund to print GC in nepali. He was really convinced the hardwork you are doing for us in raising the fund for our local hill nepali church . By next week I will let you know the detail from the printer.

Recently Ms S. from ... visited Kalimpong Church regarding heath training class. I think she may come again along with the student and used our classroom to teach nepalese church laymen ... for few months.Well, I am very tired to day engaged in the class whole day since 3 teachers were absent right after the class I received phone call from church members and walk down almost 10 km. Though our SDA Northern Union Office , New Delhi is unable to give my salary from April 2000 to February 2001 and I am depending upon my wife salary still I enjoyed working in this hill for expanding HIS MINISTRY . I am proud to say that after meeting with you there was a great change in my heart. I love this church and my faith has become stronger to dedicate my life for HIS MINISTRY. May the love and blessing of Jesus be in our ministry as we carry on His cross.

Till then bye . GOOD NIGHT.


April 6, 2001 mail. Cool! The email requesting extra funds to be given to P. in Kathmandu didn't make it in time, but now the funds have gotten there - yea! Read what a little bit can do! And also the effect of the original G.C. wow:)

Thank you so much for sending email dated 30/03/2001 and letting us to be aware during this last day. It is sad to read the statement made by President Bush and encouraging everyone to follow the teachings of sunday laws. Last sabbath i had an opportunity to take Divine Service and read the statement before the church members. Everybody was silence for a while and was sad to know this current news.

Our school / church ministry is going on fine. Last Sabbath afternoon our school campus and life style health ministry student visited tanek busty-village and had small cottage meeting. This small village is 10 km away from our church and again we have to walk half an hours from the road side. There are 20 church members in this small village and expecting to win more soul this year. Life style is doing fine and Pr. R. is planning to to go back to USA end of this month due to his health problem.

I have received $200 + 500 from Sister S. after receivng the email from J. thank you so much for helping us to continue our hill church /school ministry. We have bought equipment and funitures for the Relli Adventist School. We also paid teachers salary, bought classroom blackboard ,office chairs/table and constructed double toilet for the student. We were worrying lot how to run this new extension school /church thank God for answering our prayer for carrying on this new ministry in this unreach village. We really appreciate and thank you so much for doing lot for us and we never expected. Our prayer is with you and hope Jesus may give you good health and sucess the ministry you are continuing.

You had inquired about my payment whether I received it or not. I am very sorry to tell you and sometime I feel like resigning from my regular service. It is already one year since last year , April 2000 till now (April 2001) I did not received single penny for my medical , church ministry , child educational and salary. Conference is unable to pay and they have tussel between Union and Conference / Section. I am planning to wait for sometime for the payment and if conference is not able to pay than it is wise for me to resigned from the church work. I support the church work but organization planning is not good. Sometime due to politics it is hard to adjust with the leader. Only thing we can do is to pray for them so that change may take place in the set up.

I am very sorry for not able to give you response due to disturbance in the server. Now , i have taken another new connection hope there should not be the problem, the following are the email add:

oh ! I had a long barganing with the press owner regarding the translation of the GC final printing job. The owner read chapter 1-9 in nepali and change has taken place in him. I am surprised to see him and hear the Bible words from his mouth. Good news that he agreed to do in Rs. 35 /- each. but should be 10,000 copies. I told him that since it is a religious book and not for the profit or sale as other publication. I handed over the english version also and he read and found to be different from any other book. As per his statement after reading few chapter his eyes started opening and undestood why Christ is delaying in HIS 2nd coming. Regarding his profit it is almost nil since he will try to adjust with other units project. Also for your kind information the pressman is asking sum advance to carry on the work and buy the paper. Can you give me suggestion what to do. Composing work is going on and simultaneously editing /prooreading too. We hope to complete this book by this year 2001 and kindly give us the front cover along with updated Bible texts for reference.

Well, once again thank you so much and remembering you in prayer. Till then bye.

Yours brother in Christ,

2001/7/3 Dear Brother Daniel,

Greetings and best wishes to you from Kalimpong family members. I am glad, thank you for remembering me and my family in your personal prayer. Currently, I am fine and continuing my daily regular work simultaneously taking medicine and pulling myself. It is raining over here and difficult to move around due to landslide and rocky narrow path down in the village. But we are blessed by the vehicle -jeep which you had provided for us to move around in this hilly region. Whenever we go down in the Relli Valley Adventist School we take vehicle and even during church/school ministry. Really our church /school family members are really thankful to you.

Yesterday, I went slowly down to the press and inquire about the continuing project. I am proud to say work is going on in full speed and the copy taken from computer is distributed to 4 persons for proof reading. These four persons are from Adventist they are Pr. David , Director of Nepal Field of Adventist, Mr. Jonathan, Church Pastor Nepal Field of Adventist , Pr. Thapa, Director of Global Mission - Bhutan and Elder. Daniel , Church Member, DGHC. These above brethren are helping us and they are going through the Nepali Translation the book- "The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels and Satan and His Angels " by By Ellen G. White. I have instructed Press man to send the Title of the book in Nepali without fail and hope you might have received it by now. I also told him about the format , and the question you have asked me earlier and instructed to inform you immediatedly did you received it ?. The press man was quiet upset since the printing agreement now has reduced from 10,000-5000 copies. I explained to him that remaining half future project will be done through him. Press man is asking advance money for purchasing the paper in bulk since the cost of the paper may go high and I gave him some amount to him.

Regarding the G.C please do not worry and have faith in me. I am trying my best with the guidline of Heavenly Father to do up-to-date so that by reading this book many will open their eyes and may know Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is my earnest prayer and request to you please do not worry and believe me. Regarding the Title of the G.C Between Christ and His Angels and Satan and His Angels by E.G.White -in Nepali. I consulted the above Adventist Pastors and University/College Head Department of Nepali they have approved the title which is email to you and there is no doubt. I am happy and proud that Sandra knows nepali but her nepali language is not accepted by the mass nepali society and she doubt seeing the title. Moreover, her qualification is just grade 10 only and her nepali is working nepali for the rural. Now the book which is coming up will be spread all over the world and will be in the hand of different people therefore, we are cautiously doing the work to make it excellent and accepted by all.

You had mentioned regarding your church membership and our church board is willing to accept it. I request you to kindly write or email to the Kalimpong Church Board Committee C/O Church Pastor P.K.Tamsang and rest I will take care and very soon you will received the letter by mail. Once you had mentioned about helping 2-3 workers and paying their salary for the church ministry in Darjeeling -Kalimpong Hill. Our Church Board accept this wonderful ministry but there are few suggestion / request. There are already few active-dedicated senior adventist members from this hill who knows about the place ,has vast influence ,dedication and teaching method but neglected by the conference / union. Once these belivers were promised by the above units for church evangelist job but till nothing has been done. Moreover, the student who are taking course under LIFE STYLE HEALTH COURSE are very young and they have very very little knowledge about Bible. Many a times I asked question during the church sabbath school service they keep quiet and know nothing. These student always request me to teach Bible and Preaching Method. To tell you the truth these student are from remote part of the nepal taking training for going abroad and in search of good job. And hardly few student are dedicated and rest they are looking for opportunity.. I am sad to comment and do not have right to tell you but I have studied them and through their daily meeting I can find out. Therefore, i feel the help which you will be rendering may not fruitful. But we always remember these student in prayer that change may take place very soon.

This week I will be busy engaged in church renovation and visiting Relli Valley Village. Kindly remember us in prayer the ministry we are doing in this hill. Till then bye and expecting to hear from you soon. JESUS LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

Yours brother in Christ,
Church Pastor


Few days ago we visited a place called shangche busty it is 5 hours continous walk inside the jungle and rough road. There are 300 houses interested about the Adventist faith and till no other church leader or any pastor from our church visited this remote place. Most of the people are nepali - Hindu and Buddhist. People want permanent church worker to look after their need as sometime there might death and need somebody to conduct funeral services, marriage and dispute to settle etc. In this perticular village there is no dispensary, electricity , school , church ,people are primitive and still believe in supertitious. We are trying to reach this unentered place and share the message of God. Kindly remember in prayer so that this neglected hill people may know about Jesus Second Coming.

2003/3/8 This email about what they have been doing with the 5,000 copies of the original 1858 Great Controversy really choked me up when i read it. Here is a humble, determined worker for Christ!

Dearest brother Daniel,

Nameste, Jaimashi and THANK YOU to you from me and as well as from Darjeeling Gorkha Hill -SDA Church family members. Oh! I can understand that you had rich experience meeting with many Far Eastern known and unknown brethrens. I am really proud and salute you that this precious book has been translated and translating in many languages. Yes, this book should be in every home and people should be able to digest it. Currently Adventist brethren came from Eastern Nepal and also from Kathmandu to take this Nepali GC printed by you. I hand over about 100 books to each brother and instructed them to sell to those who are financially sound and distribute free to those who cannot afford to buy. Few days ago I met printer-press man and translator during the funeral service. We had wonderful chat and now they are experiencing that due to this book many people are coming to know about them. They said that this book really blessed them not only change in their life but also they got recognition from the society.

Recently I met Union President, Dr. M. (Hindi Speaking man) and he was very proud to get this book 2 months ago. He told me that this book translated into Nepali is always kept besides his table and whoever comes he praised about this book. Many pastors and elders from different churches are ordering this book. There is some spreading to their church members to be careful while reading this book. I had discussion why they are afraid simple answer was other churches leader does not give importance to lady and even to E.G.White. But till now while giving the book happily pastors are taking book and keeping in their carry bag wherever they go. It seems to me that these pastors are secretly reading the book and afraid to discuss openly before their church members. The reason is they want to safeguard their service-job/position. I am sure that someday these people will be strong faithful Adventist than present Adventist. I always pray for these people that change may be in their life soon.

As you told about the KPH that they will keep the copyright it sound strange. Since you are the sponsor and you have the right to keep. What I feel is that after distributing 5000 copies in summer camp you need to print again since population is increasing in geometrical ratio. Suppose if you want to print it again KPH may have different ideas・and may change into different version or may add something which will confuse the reader.

Well, currently I am alone at home since my wife and daughter had gone to Kathmandu for medical treatment. I am expecting they will be back soon. I am unable to go to Nepal since I cannot travel long distance as advised by Physician. My health is not sound but still I drag myself and enjoy the church ministry. If I stay idle I get more pain therefore, I make myself busy always and forget the pain. Anyway our Lord is so good to me He continue to bless me wherever I go in the field ministry. Our 2 church evangelists are doing fine work whereas 3rd evangelist is quiet slow due to diabetic problem. We plan to conduct the baptism service during April since over here we are still experiencing winter.

Once during winter we had baptism service some of our members suffered cold and pneumonia. Our church evangelist is selling the book door to door to some distributing freely who are economically weak. I am very glad that though conference is not able to pay their monthly expenses GC is temporary helping us to carry on HIS Ministry.

Last week we had good sale and little fund we spent in church renovation and painting with the consultation of local hill church board. I am sorry for not able to send email time to time due to ill health. Also our church/school secretary while typing in the computer damaged my computer motherboard. I am planning to take new computer sets in credit, which may cost 950USD more or less in siliguri and keep in my personal room. Laptop was good but very expensive cannot afford to buy. This idea will be good since I will be able to communicate anytime and shall not allow anybody to touch it. Whereas my present computer I will donate to the school since we have only one computer now. Whenever I want to do any work I am not getting facilities since we type school question paper and secretary handle the computer always. Hope the Lord will open the way and it is in my special prayer.

Well, we the hill church members love you always and you are in our prayer. Tomorrow is the special Sabbath day and we plan to have potluck with the church members. I wish you are here but we will remember you. Every day you are before us the vehicle, Bible and the GC in Nepali makes us that Daniel is with us. We cannot forget you and you have done lot of tremendous work in our hill. Hope our Lord will give you sound health and fulfill what it is written in John 14.1-3.

Thanking you for emailing and sharing your rich experiences in Korea. WISHING YOU HAPPY SABBATH DAY and JESUS Love you. Amen.

Yours brother in ChristS,


我々ダージーリング・ゴルカSDA教会の皆さんと僕からナマセテと有難う! 極東の兄弟姉妹の知ってる者と知らない者と豊かな経験があった事を知らせてくれました。 (韓国の旅の事を前のEメールで知らせた) この貴重な本が多くの言葉に翻訳され、本当に誇りに思って、あなたを賞賛します。 本当に、この本はすべての家にあって、皆が理解できるようになるべきですね。 今、ネパールの東部やカトマンズからあなたが発行した本を取りに来るアドベンチスト兄弟が訪れています。 各自に100冊くらい渡して、経済的に余裕のある人に売って、買えない人に無料であげるように指示しています。 数日前葬式で印刷所の社長と翻訳者に会って、良い交わりができました。 この本のお陰で多くの人が彼らの事を知り、知名度が高くなってきたばかりではなく、自分の人生も変わってきて、恵まれてると話しました。

最近ユニオンの長、ヒンディ語を話すジョーンさん(ここ日本の佐川さんに当る人)に会って、2ヶ月前この本を手に入れた事を誇りに思ってると言いました。 このネパール語に訳された本はいつも彼のテーブルのそばに置いてあって、来客皆にこの本を勧めています。 いろんな教会から長老や牧師がこの本を注文しています。 ある所では「この本を注意するよう」と言ってる人もいます。 何で?と思って彼らと相談したら、「ある教会のリーダーたちはエレン・ホワイトでさえ女性の事を大事に思ってない」という単純な答えが出ました。 でも今まで何人かの牧師でも喜んでこの本を受け取って、かばんに入れて、常に持ち歩いています。 こういう牧師たちは密かにこの本を読んで、教会員の前で公然として話すのを恐れてるようです。 その理由は彼らは自分の地位や仕事を守りたがってるからです。 いつかこういう人たちは今のアドベンチストより強いアドベンチストになると僕は確信しています。 彼らの人生がすぐ変わるように、いつも祈っています。

さ〜、妻と娘が治療を受けるためカトマンズに行っちゃったので、僕は一人で留守番をしています。 すぐ帰って来ると思うけど〜。 お医者さんの指示に従って、僕は長い旅できません。 僕の健康状態は思わしくないけど、むりやりにやっています。 教会の活動大好きです。 何もしないならもっと痛くなるので、いろんな仕事で気を紛らわしています。 とにかく、私たちの主は良い事をしてくれるし、伝道する時にどこに行っても祝福し続けてくれます。 ここの二人の伝道師(僕が2001年に二人分の支援金を送った)は素晴らしい仕事をしています。 もう一人は糖尿病だからあまり働けません。 まだ冬なのでバプテスマ式は4月に行なう予定です。

冬の間にバプテスマを行なった事があるけど、何人かは風邪を引いたり、肺炎を起こしたりした様だった。 私たちの教会の伝道師たちは個別訪問をして、この本を売ったり、経済的に弱い人に無料で配ったりしています。 教区が彼らの生活費を払えなくても、この本で一時的に神様の働きが支えられてる事を心から感謝します。

先週本がよく売れたので、教会の理事会の決議でそのわずかな金で教会の修理とペンキ塗りに充てた。 病気なので最近Eメール送れなくて、ごめんなさい。 それに、教会と学校の秘書である人がコンピュータに入力したら、コンピュータが動けなくなってしまった。 シリグリ市で新しいのを買うのに12万円くらい掛かるそうです。 クレジットで買って、コンピュータを自分の部屋に置いておくつもりです。 ノート型はいいけど、高くて買えません。 部屋に置くのはいいと思います。 好きな時にEメールやりとりできるし、他の人に触れるのを許しません。 学校にはコンピュータが一台しかないから僕が今使ってるコンピュータを学校に譲るつもりです。 いつも秘書が学校のテストなどの作成に使っているから使いたくても使えないのです。 主が道を開けてくれるのを望んで、特別に祈っています。

教会員皆はいつもあなたを愛し、祈りの時に覚えています。 明日は特別な安息日で、教会員皆が集ってパトラックをする予定です。 ダニエルもここに居たらいいけど、居なくてもあなたの事を忘れません。 毎日、車、聖書、ネパール語の大闘争などを通して、あなたが一緒に居る事を覚えています。 我々のため骨折りをしてくれて、有難うございます。 私たちの主があなたに健康を与え、そしてヨハネ14:1〜3を実現させるように望んでいます。

韓国での素晴らしい体験談をEメールで聞かしてくれて、有難うございます。 いい安息日を!

イエスはあなたを愛しています! アーメン。

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