Danny Winter's pics of printing English Great Controversy, trips in Japan, Bible studies, and being with bunches of little kids (^-^)

Abe-san went from homeless to living on the 7th floor in a one-room mansion in April (^-^)
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Invited to eat Christmas dinner with one of my student's families.  The 3y.o. boy is a messer, but he IS learning some English:)
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Bun-san is a Korean who's lived in Japan a long time.  She has many stories about hardships.  Her favorite talk is about how the dawn breaks and it gets light.  She almost went from SDA to Jehovah Witness this year, but stayed (^-^)
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Christmas party played games etc.
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For some reason the boys didn't show up at class this day.
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This is the last Bible study held without any problems.  Walking in this day, i noticed this church member had a Buddhist altar, so the next few times i talked on getting rid of idols.  She said she has no intention of getting rid of it, so i was forced to follow 1Corinthians 5 counsel and not go to her place anymore:(
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My brother taking a mighty cut in Kentucky (March, 2002)
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My sister's family.
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Went to Mie prefecture for Golden Week.  Here we had to stop the car to kill a big centipede that blew in somehow.  What a scream!!
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Printing insides of English 1858 Great Controversy Feb. 2002
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Printing cover of English Great Controversy
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Putting the books thru the stitcher-trimmer.  This was a huge hassle, with thousands of the books getting ruined in this process.  Later i sent most of these (with no covers or cut crooked) to Africa.
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A beautiful vacation on the Japan Sea
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