Things learned? in 1998

Recap of 1998

One dream i`d had just about ever since i started studying Japanese earnestly in Japan and paying about $400/month tuition, was to "make that money back someday". It wasn`t something real serious with me, but i really like the language, and i believed i could do a good job translating.

In February, that dream came true when i was hired as a temporary at a Japanese plant in Alabama. I was esctatic! And at the same time, i wondered if i could really handle it. The weeks of isolation at the farm since all my friends went back to Japan vanished. I enjoyed the peace and time to write, and i`m sure that`s what God had in mind for me, but i was getting anxious to get on to something else.

When interviewed,i told them that i didn`t have confidence interpreting, just translating. They quickly saw to it tho, that i got plenty of practice doing both. The first 3 or 4 weeks, i`d go back to my one-room mansion and after eating, get out the dictionaries again and work. I was determined to do the best i could. And...It was rewarded!!!! I`ve never been so thoroughly lauded and praised in my whole life:) I was told that i was the best Japanese-English translator there and that they really wanted me to stay longer and sign a 2-year contract. It felt REALLY good to have people appreciate what you do. I`d gotten maybe a "thanks" at other places i`d worked at, but nothing like this.

I`d been looking into opportunities to do mission work for a couple of years, and something that was bound to change my life showed up in March in the form of an email "we have a project in India". Of course i`ll go. So after stopping over for 3 weeks in my beloved Japan, i got on the plane and landed in Bombay. What a shock! You can read about it in my diaries.

In October i made it back to a `heavenly` Seoul and then back to the promised land - Japan:) I stayed with an American friend for a couple of weeks and then with some former English students for a couple of weeks. Both places treated me very nice and my trust in people slowly returned. Finally on November 19, i moved into a beautiful house where i have pretty much free use of the whole place. My former English student and her husband live here and they are very pleasant.

Things learned?

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