Little pics from Danny's life - Nov. 2000 to July 2001

Abe-san and Araki-san were playing badminton along the Ogawa river near Tenmabashi before Bible study one fine December Sabbath day.
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A beautiful icho (ginko) tree right above the homeless friends' tents.  Makes for a lot of work in cleaning up!  Amazingly beautiful tho...
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Probably my favorite memory from 2000.  The homeless friends and a couple of members from the Yao church came and we studied the Bible beside the tent i bot for Araki-san to stay in.  Soon after this pic, Abe-san stopped coming because of a grudge with Araki-san:(
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Harayama-san, Ken-chan, Hiroko-san, and i went to Mt. Rokko overlooking Kobe in July to escape the heat.  We ate lunch at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean and the farm (run by the city as a tourist attraction), and after that we studied Matthew chapter 5.  Appropriate eh?!
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danny with his bicycle in front of his house (actually Uchida's) in Katano, Japan
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Haruka did a great job decorating my b-day cake!  Arigato!
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Haruno, Haruka, Akira, Michitaka, and Nana
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LE's house
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A special river for me.  3 friends came from Japan to visit in Sep '97, and we took a canoe ride down this river.  It was such a pleasant, relaxing, wonderful day.  I wonder where my friend N-san is now...?
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The beautiful Sequatchie valley in Tennessee.  Tennessee is very beautiful.  If the ocean was closer it would maybe be even nicer:)
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My first time to see Yosemite.  Magnificent!
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