in thailand 2006

in thailand1 At Bangkok train station i’m approached by someone i take for a “tout”, so i brush him off.  I apologize after he shows me his badge, that he is a volunteer for the tourist information center.  Unfortunately, the information center has no maps, but point out to me about where on the map …

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in malaysia 2005

I have lunch with a South African man and Yogi again at a vegetarian restaurant.  The conversation is interesting, and what i’ve heard about car-jacking and things in general going to pot in S.A. and Zimbabwe is verified:(  So sad as that part of the world used to be the shining star of Africa, altho …

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sermon – honor the king

Romans 13:1-7 1Peter 2:13-14 The Bible says to obey the government and rulers, but should we obey them all the time? Daniel 3:8-18 Daniel 3:19-27 Daniel 3:28-30 Acts 5:17-18 Acts 5:19-20 Acts 5:27-28 Acts 5:29 1Timothy 2:1-3

still working

still working out the kinks.  have spent don’t know how long tring to get all 4 domains transferred nicely from RegisterFly to GoDaddy, and finally this morning, after talking with a support rep., decided that it just won’t get done like it was supposed to when i purchased this last March.  The only thing left …

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first post (again)

Sorry about losing 2 years or so of blogging.  I backed everything up like i was supposed to, but something didn’t work correctly – alalala 🙁 This hoster is GoDaddy, and if they honor what i’ve paid for, this site will be here until June, 2012.  Hopefully we’ll be in heaven by then 🙂