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calming out in japan 2010

Just put up some pics of the lovely time spent in Japan in 2010. Thanks to all the lovely people and cherry blossoms and mountains and bicycle and …. that made it such a nice time to recharge my batteries 🙂 Japan pics here and at top left corner of this page

goodbye gmi

Well, the time spent with Gospel Ministries International was a little over 3 months. It has now been 10 days since i was told to vacate the place, and as there seems to be no more news forthcoming about this, i guess this will be a wrap-up, at least from my perspective. David Gates kindly …

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back to tennessee

I was raised in Tennessee, living here until age 22, and then again for several months in 1997-1998 time frame. Now i’m back again. I made it to the GMI “compound” near the McDonald road church near Collegedale Tennessee today after a couple of false starts the last two days 🙂 I have a nice …

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scraping by

I flew into Singapore from Jakarta on Wednesday, and a good friend whom i’ve indebted myself to several times already cheerfully agreed to meet me at the airport. He drove me to a shopping center that has lots of travel agents, and East Asia worked with me to get a flight to Osaka on Monday …

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38,000 angels busy?

Last year approximately 38,000 1858 Great Controversy books were downloaded in the various languages. I praise God, and pray that i can help get the book into more languages this year. Please Lord, may an angel go with each book, and help impress the importance of your words on the peoples’ minds. books downloaded in …

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new india pics

Lots of pics uploaded today of my stay in India from July – December 2009: 2009 India pics Most of the pics are from Pune, but some from Mumbai, and then Bangalore and Tamil Nadu at the end. Please note the pics are in order from last part of stay to first part of stay.

india! at last

5 months and 6 days after arriving in mumbai, i write standing up at a recharge center in the Bengaluru (or whatever this city’s name is when you read this – think BLR) airport. 5 months and 6 days. Wow. Has the total life time spent in this country really been close to a year …

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high times

Last Thursday i departed Pune for Bangalore by bus. A sleeper-coach, it was supposed to complete its 850something km journey in around 17 hours, but instead, took nearly 23. Indian buses have improved much since i first took one with a huge hole in the re-rubberized tread in 1998, and this one even had nice …

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moving from pune

By God’s grace, i’ve survived 4 1/2 months in Pune, India. The incredible noise, electrical outages, unhygiene, lack of logical reasoning, cheating, and general disregard for laws are very difficult obstacles to overcome when attempting to get anything accomplished. Yet, for all this, i would have been happy to stay here IF there would have …

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