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Yesterday i went to an Adventist/Muslim Relations seminar held in the Thailand SDA Mission compound. The two speakers were Rick McEdwards, and Jerald Whitehouse. Rick McEdwards is the Global Mission leader for the Southern-Asia Pacific Division, while Jerald Whitehouse is the leader of the Seventh-day Adventist General Conference organization called Global Center for Adventist-Muslim Relations.

Both of these men were very nice, spoke in a friendly manner, and seemed knowledgeable about their subject. With about 5% of the population in Thailand being Muslim, it is important to know how to reach them, to tell them about Jesus Christ. And while some good things were taught, the main idea was definitely not.

Brother Rick gave his talk first, and he mentioned that “We are ambassadors. I don’t call someone to be a citizen of my country. If someone wants to become a citizen of my country, i must help them.” hmmmm This sounds quite foreign to what the disciples did of preaching about Jesus, and baptizing in Jesus’ name, and resolving not to do anything except uplift Jesus….

He continued with “Why develop relationships with Muslims?”
1. Build relationships of mutual understanding
A. To clear misunderstandings listen and study
B. Develop relationship of trust
C. Takes sincere dialogue and discussion
2. Socialize with people of other cultures
3. Encourage each other to submit lives to God
Be united against secularism
4. Create communities of peace between religions
5. To build up God’s kingdom

While all these are admirable, except perhaps the study the other’s religion part, there is one glaring omission.  Can you see it?  Let’s continue with what the main speaker had to say.

 Jerald Whitehouse said:

“All humans carry breath of God in them, so i should respect them.”

Then he quoted 2Tim. 2:23, 2Cor 5:17-18, Sura 29:46, and Sura 16:25.  Here’s where anyone with an open heart should have started questioning what was going on – he was placing the Qur’an on the same level as the Bible.  In fact, he made a point of telling us how much he respects the Qur’an, and showed us how he opens it carefully and lays it down carefully.  Sura 29:46 says something about not arguing with the people of the Book (meaning not to argue with Christians or Jews), and 16:25 says something about “we worship the same God you do” (meaning their Allah is the same as the Christian “God”.)  This is definitely a red-flag statement.  He then went on to say, speaking like he was a Muslim, and saying softly out to the 40-45 in attendance – “We worship the same God you do”.  I shook my head sideways.

 A while later he said that the Christian’s problems, and the Muslim’s problems could be solved if “We each get back to our books”.  I told the friend sitting next to me that the Qur’an was from Satan, so why would anyone tell people to get back to a Satanic book???  But there was general agreement, and everyone seemed happy.

 He then went into detail in explaining “Who are we as Seventh-day Adventists?”

He covered some of the early history of how our church came to be which was interesting, but his main thrust was excellent in one respect, and horrible in another.  He said we should not see ourselves as one of many Protestant denominations.  I believe that is very good advice!  He said we are a world-wide movement, encompassing all religions and all faiths.  WHAT?!  He had drawn little lines under “Catholic”, and “Protestant” with “SDA” under the “Protestant” one, and erased “SDA” and then wrote some other religions to the right side, and drew “Seventh-day Adventist Movement” with a big arc over the top of all of them.  I too believe that we must give the message to everyone, but do not believe that we must someone disconnect ourselves from our Protestant roots to do that.  I learned later why he desired us to perceive ourselves this way.

He continued, saying “I’m not Christian, I’m Adventist”.  He gave the reason for saying this  along the lines of: “Muslims ask me if i’m a Christian, but if i say yes, they will immediately pigeonhole me as someone who eats pork, drinks alcohol, is sexually loose, is a blasphemer, and who is a polytheist.  So i just tell them {I’m an Adventist}.  They don’t know what i’m talking about, so i can explain that i believe in Creation and in the soon return of Jesus.  This creates bridges of understanding.”

One man in the audience from Lebanon said that in his country SDAs don’t even use the name “Seventh-day” as that automatically gets them connected with Jews in peoples’ minds.  This statement was met with agreement all around. 

All along, i kept thinking that someone would ask some deep questions, but they never came.  The questions and comments all were along the lines of “How should i shake hands with a Muslim?”  “What if i go to their home when only the wife is at home?” etc.  These are all good questions relating to protocol, but do not come anywhere close to the heart of what is being taught to us here today – that is – that the God of the Muslims and the God of the Christians is the same.

Jerald Whitehouse continued with a few more statements that i wrote down, such as: “To defend Christianity is to deny my faith with Muslims.”  “Connect with the 2nd Advent Message.”  And “You are there to strengthen Muslim’s faith.”  After this last, blatant statement, i quit taking notes, as it was too obvious for anyone to miss anymore – This man is a Mulim convert in the heart, trying to evangelize Seventh-day Adventists!!!

I know that sounds far-fetched, but how else can it be?  Yes, of course i know he is not an undercover agent of the Muslims or Jesuits, sent to infiltrate the church.  But he has so conditioned himself, steeled himself against the facts – that Muslims deny the divinity of Jesus Christ and vehemently deny that Jesus is the Son of God, that he has succeeded in deceiving himself into believing that he does not need to CHANGE a Muslim’s faith – just “strengthen” it.  And he is open about not wanting to defend Christianity.  One example he used of not wanting to defend Christianity, is that his Muslim friends equate Christian policy with President George Bush’s foreign policy.  He laughed uproariously, as did probably 80% of the attendees.  I turned to my friend at this point and said “He is going directly against what God said to do.  God said to “Honor the king”.  How does he know but what George Bush may be directly being used by God?”  There was one other snide remark against George Bush, both of which i feel sorry that any leader of my church would ever do.  Would you like to make those remarks in the presence of the President, Jerald?  Would you like to meet them when we are all arraigned before the judgement seat of Christ in that Grand and Awful day?  Will they seem so funny then?

The meeting was drawing to a close, and still i had not made any comments yet.  I knew God has led me there to give a straight testimony, and i was hoping to make it clearly in front of all so that the core issue being raised could be addressed.  But i could not find that opportunity, and the meeting closed.  Sigh…..

When the meeting was over i quickly made my way to the front.  Expecting to see a crowd surrounding Mr. Whitehouse, i was surprised to find myself alone standing near him.  I asked: “When building relationships with Muslims, at what point do you show them from the Bible that Jesus is the Son of God?”  I held my Bible open to 1John 2:22 which says “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.”  He looked at it about a quarter of a second, and said “I know about that, but what about this?”  He then took my Bible and turned to Matthew 16:13, and read to me: “Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?”  He then spent 3 or 4 minutes explaining to me that Jesus didn’t go around telling people that he was the Son of God, so we shouldn’t either.  He even quoted something from Desire of Ages – around page 506-507 to bolster his case.  I answered his questions courteously, and listened, then asked how long it would take before he would tell his Muslim friends that Jesus was the Son of God.  He got a bit flustered, and made a statement that sounded to me like doing that might break the relationship, so maybe it wouldn’t be done at all.

Then i brought up the point that brought down the house.  I said: “because once they understand that Jesus is the Son of God, they will also learn that the book they thot was holy, is actually from Satan”.  WHEW!  Did that ever cause an instant reaction!  The IAEA might want to check the radioactivity it gave off!!  He got very angry, and asked in a rough voice if i came to teach him, or to learn from him.  I answered that i came to tell him the truth, and that he should repent, and tell his Muslim friends the whole truth about Jesus Christ and the Qur’an.  He was busy packing his things by now, but he stood up straight, and looked me squarely in the eyes, and said “If you say that here, i will have you thrown out.”  I replied: “I’ve read the Qur’an, and i do know that one of the main themes of the book is that Allah has no son.”  His reply? “Do you know Arabic?”  I replied that while i had studied it a bit, i do not understand it.”  His face brightened, and then he said “How can you know what it says if you can’t understand Arabic?”  Well, i admit this answer shocked me, as HE had quoted something in English from the Qur’an in HIS talk, and this “only in Arabic can really understand Allah’s words argument is exactly what the Qur’an itself says, so i said “It sounds like you are a true Muslim.”  He went back to packing his books, and one lady who had come up started to ask him something, so i got my backpack and walked out.

What do i make of it?  I believe that Jerald Whitehouse has convinced himself so deeply that the Qur’an is true, that he doesn’t care about anything the Bible says.  Notice the text again in 1John 2:22 “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.”  His explanation did not even touch the “denieth the Father” part at all.  In fact, in his talk, he said he specifically avoids using the term “Father” to refer to God when talking with Muslims so as not to offend them.  That is antichrist sir, not me talking, but God talking.  Please repent, and uplift Jesus Christ (not Isa!) and the FATHER.

So this is the way our church is going?  Our leaders are mocking the President of the United States for being Christian, telling us not to tell Muslims that we are Christian, that the Muslim God and our God is the same, that the Qur’an which talks about marrying 4 wives – eating camel meat – doing good things to atone for sins – that Jesus didn’t die on the cross – to fight for Allah and slay all the idolators – that this book is describing the same God we Christians serve?!?!  That somehow the Catholics and Protestants are horrible warmongers and the Muslims are peace-loving victims?  I will not believe it, and hoping that no one else will be deceived either is the reason i put this information on the internet.

I walked with 2 attendees out to the main road to the bus stop.  One of them said she is interested now in purchasing a Qur’an.  The other one said “well…maybe we can use some good things out of the Qur’an to lead Muslims to Jesus.  I asked them to consider if Jesus would use a Baal worshipper’s book to try and show them the way to Jesus.  “Welllllll….  Goodbye”. 

May God keep our souls pure and spotless, and may we all have courage to give the straight message to everyone, Muslim included.

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  1. fred, You have the clearest writing of just about anybody i’ve ever seen on this topic.
    “The children of Israel were told by God to totally reject all the other gods (this upset the other religions of the time), and religious prostitution is an abomination”
    pram, You sound like someone who perhaps is on the frontlines of this, meeting Muslims. You understand the Biblical truth well. May God bless you as you lift up Jesus to the people.
    Njen, “How to reach our Muslim friends?” I don’t have a one-size-fits-all formula, and i really doubt God does either. Look at the life of Christ, he was very gentle and kind to the downtrodden, the poor, those who knew they were sinners and were seeking something better. To the Pharisees and others who were not humble he was very direct and spoke strongly against them and their practices. Always he went about doing good, which is the secret i believe — we should always be living like Jesus, talking like Jesus, doing like he would, helping others, and always lifting up Jesus, the only way to the Father.
    John 17:3 And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.

  2. dear brothers,
    lately i came across a web of ali sina,, an intelectual moslem from iran who convert into something i don’t know, but obviously he tried to unfold the Islam from inside. if what he writes there is true, and he seems so convincing about this with all the quoation from Qur’an and hadist, then i agree with daniel that we should not compromise as if we are making a bridge of relationship with moslem based on the same things ( esp the same God).
    once again, if what ali sina said is true, then it is totally wrong to act as if we have so much in common with them.
    all the hatred, murders and brutality done by our moslem brother is not because of their misintrepetation of their religion but it is purely because their religion told them to do so. Jesus is so divine, selflessness,, self-sacrifice, not any single action He did is for his own sake, every litle thing he did in His life is for other people, it is absolutely different from *********. Jesus did not get Himself involved in a low matter such as marrying a girl under age, or widow, or daughter in law or so busy with having so many wives. Jesus did not need swords, never give command of killing enemy instead pray for them, never put His attention to worldly matter, and never use God to justify His doings. go to that website, read some articles to know how our moslem brother’s prophet lived, then read more our bible, learn more about Jesus, and you’ll shed your tears..GBU


    This link is to the Andrews University magazine for summer 2009. In it you can see pics of students who went to a mosque in Tanzania to pray and worship together with the Muslims. Of course this is done in the name of “cultural awareness”. How low will God’s people go? Maybe next time we will see them attending a human sacrifice ritual to experience their “traditions”?
    “A notable highlight for both students and faculty was a visit to the mosque in Arusha. We were given a brief lecture about how the mosque operates. The women had the opportunity to wear the burka and hijab as we prepared to enter the mosque to pray. Most of the men wore the taqiyah and the thobe. We had to prepare ourselves to pray by washing our hands,
    feet, face and specifically, our nose and ears. Then we were separated and the women were taken up to the roof to pray.
    The traditions and rituals were explained to us and we were able to ask a plethora of questions as well as take pictures.”

  4. daniel, this is a new year. I hope you would have learnt a few things since I have last been here. You see, our church is apostacizing as we speak – E.G. White calls this period the omega apostacy. THe alpha apostacy occured when Kellogg brought his pantheist ideas into the church way back then. Sis White urge the faithful ones to come out her then. Now you daniel, if you are serious with your adventism as well as many others who know what they are doing, instead of being picky with aspects that suit them, lets us study more of SOP. Since 2001, our church institutions have been teaching Spiritual formation leading to the ’emerging church’ which I doubt you know anything about. I dont stand to condemn anyone but to enlightened those who will hear. Study study and study with careful prayer and you cant miss what’s going on.

  5. In addition, daniel and other SDA church members, let me remind you that our church was established to continue the reformation which started during Ellen White’s era. Why was there a reformation? Rome wanted her universal Sunday worship. We have the 3 Angels Messages to proclaim to the entire world instead of arguing amongst ourselves on issues that were we conversant with the Bible and SOP, we will identify what exactly is taking place before our very eyes. I will copy and paste below what every SDA church member should know at this time among other events taking place around us within the church:
    The last and the greatest abomination that will be committed, before probation closes upon the SDA church, and the individual sealing begins (in Ezekiel 9), is sun worship!
    the lengthy remainder of this comment deleted by webmaster:
    bentley80, Neither of your 2 comments here relate to the subject matter of Adventist/Muslim relations. I agree that there are bad things going on the Seventh-day Adventist church. I do what i can to raise my voice against those bad things, and call for repentance and reform.
    But the idea that because there are around 25 people in the General Conference Committee does not mean that they have all done sun worship as shown in Ezekiel.
    Please watch your spirit, Brother. We need to be peaceable and gentle with all men as much as possible. I forgive you for your accusation against me. Let’s strive to imitate our lovely example – Jesus Christ 🙂

  6. Dear Bro daniel, I do humbly apologize for any offence caused even though I am surprised you appear offended. First, I have observed that Satan is indeed at work in our church with virtually every SDA member coming out with different interpretations of even SOP. No wonder Peter and Paul back in the early Xtian days had the same issues as myself and yourself. If God is really leading us, we should be singing from the same song sheet. Indeed my comments have deviated from AMR issues based on your replies to my take on it. On thing is certain for me, since establishing the AMR, our church has not won over the Muslim brethen as such. Rather, at least where I live, we have incorporated many Muslim ideas. Tell you what Bro daniel, I dont stand to judge you or anyone at all. Our church has been attending, participating, observing several ecumenical organisation with a so-called view to win the other religions to our side for their salvation. Our common enemy the devil will be laughing at us SDAs arguing among ourselves on questions of doctrine and theology. For me I am out. My mission is to sigh and cry over the abominations of the ‘Beast’ within us and to preach the 3 Angel’s messages to the whole world. I hadly get involved in these types of comments anyway. I have been researching and teahing for over 30 years and came across this blog in 2010. For the last one month, I have discovered newer evidence of SDA compromising with the world which further strengthens my resolve. Once again, no offence intended. I wish you the best in your Xtian experience. After this, I will not respond to any comments as it s not spiritually profitable to engage in unnecessary arguments on scripture. Happy New Year any way and God continue to bless your ministry.

  7. Hello bentley80, I appreciate your spirit in this comment 🙂
    You write: “For me I am out.”
    In seeing the sins performed by God’s Seventh-day Adventist church, i have considered leaving this church twice in my life. Both times i was stopped by Ezekiel 9 and Revelation 3.
    Rev. 3 shows that Jesus stills loves the SDA church (verse 19). Ezekiel 9 shows that if you want the Seal of God in your forehead, you must be sighing and crying for the abominations done in the church, AND you must be where – inside the city or outside the city?

  8. The Lord certainly wants me to still be involved in dicsussions with you. I had bookmarked your article since 2010 and when I tried to find something else today, yours opened up and I read your response. Dear brother, plz never contemplate on leaving the Church because you see, just before a Sunday law is passed, individuals of likeminds will form home-churches as our mother church would grow in apostacy. Are you aware that our institutions teach Spiritual Formation etc – Andrews, Loma LInda etc. This is directly from the Jesuit Spiritual Exercises. The Jesuits are linked to the Vatican. The Vatican is trying to bring all governments and churches under one umbrella for a future Sunday law. The AMR is just one of the tools employed to infilterate us. Not just AMR, several doctrinal issues that will eventually turn the SDA church into clasping its hand with Rome. Watch Pastor B.T. Rice and late John Paul II at an interfaith gathering on youtube. McEdwards and Whitehouse in your article play the same role as B.T. Rice. They just deal with the AMR aspect. Last year, I preached Present Truth as adviced by Sis White in a certain church. Guess what….I was told afterwards by the resident Pastor never to preach such sermons because it ‘stirs emotions’ among members and that the message for this time period is ‘Love and Grace’. Also for your info, check out 911 directed energy weapons on youtube as you doubted my initial comments in 2010. Then finally, google ‘the black pope with eric phelps. It is only then, with all the sound knowledge that you have, you will be able to fit the whole puzzle together. Trust me in this one Bro daniel. You know so much…why not know the rest. God bless and keep the faith. Let me know how you fair. Cheers.

  9. Hello bentley80, You had an interesting, nice post about spreading the truth until you got down to the end and off into conspiracy theories. Brother, let’s stay focused on the truth, and away from this speculative stuff that no one can prove, and that frankly, turns off many honest-in-heart people seeking for the truth.
    Please understand that i have studied out many conspiracy theories, and used to believe them over 20 years ago. Thankfully the Lord led me away from them.
    Let’s point people to Jesus, and stand strong for the truth as it is in him 🙂

  10. Helo daniel,
    I respect your statements and understanding, but let me ask you this, Are you engaged in Muslim ministry? If yes, then, How did you do that? How’s the result? Pls mail me

  11. Ron Stone M.D.

    I have two copies of the Qu’ran which I have read, along with hundreds of the Hadiths. There is no way Islam is even remotely compatible with Christianity, especially SDA Bible-based beliefs. Anyone who tries to “candy-coat” Islam, Allah, or anything they stand for is way off base.

    We certainly need to present the Gospel to Muslims. But to misrepresent what Islam is, who Allah is, and generally deceive our SDA members is completely wrong.

  12. I really understood that God of Christian is not the same with the God of Muslim for allah has something to do with pagan moon god.As we all know that Muslims are hard to reach. AMR if it is the only way that we can reach Muslim and save them, YET IF BY REASON OF MY LIE THE TRUTH OF GOD HAS BEEN MADE MORE PROMINENT TO HIS GLORY, WHY AM I ALSO YET BEING JUDGED AS A SINNER? ROMANS 3:7

  13. Just a suggestion. your discussion has only two methods. try both of them. what ever method could win a soul, then use them, we “adventist” few were just wasting so much of our time in head knowledge. Go and do whatever it takes to win anyone back to God. Then realized which method will work…dont convinced an adventist who could memorized even the whole bible and cant memorized a single name of soul being won for Christ…please dont convinced me, show to God what you got… experienced what you learned brothers….

  14. Ebenezer Kwadwo Agyei

    I have been appointed as chairman of Advent muslim relationship leader in my church.But I don’t have any idea about this my new leadership roll. The Question is how can you help?

  15. Ebenezer, I don’t know how to help you, other than to point you to
    where you can find information on the differences between the Qur’an and the Bible.
    Please treat all Muslims as you would want to be treated, lost souls made in the image of God who need Jesus Christ.

  16. Hi brethren? the best way to reach any Muslim or none believer is to first wait on the Lord. u can’t put God in a box! Let God Almighty order ur steps. the problem with us Christians is impatience in waiting n seeking the Lord esp in such matters! May God helps us overcome. ma example is how the Spirit of God led the early saints/ apostles….. they always were on track. does anyone understand this?

  17. Md.Shiful Islam

    Dear sir Jereld whitehouse,
    Greetings from are you?
    God bless you.You pray for me.

  18. Dear Daniel, five years down the line, my suspicions have proved right. In fact, I have totally forgotten about this blog but while research Jerald Whitehouse, your blog came out among other results. Hmmmmm. I have bad news for you Daniel as well as other folks who may not be aware of ceratin things going on behind the scenes in Adventism.

    ‘A Common Word Between Us and You’is according to its website, the most successful Muslim-Christian interfaith initiative in history. This ‘Open Letter’ started in humble beginnings from 13 October 2007.

    I advise all of you here to google it and find out what it is all about and how your dear SDA Church is involved. However, let me state this here and now: There are 281 Christian denominational endorsements to this initiative. No 119 signitory is listed as J. Whitehouse for the Global Center for AMR, GC of SDAs. Hmmmm. No 127 signitory is listed as Jerald Whitehouse as Director, Presbyterian Church, USA. Coincidence? Or perhaps another name sake. Double roles? You figure it out yourselves. Perhaps they are pals. M. Carr, an instructor at Loma Linda University is signitory No 161. Among other faith signitories are Jesuits.

    Ephesians 5:11 – Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

    I dont hate Muslims neither am I saying we should not love them or minister to them but interfaithism is not the answer to our brand of gospel.

    A word is enough for the wise.

  19. Thank you for the update, bentley. As before, you give some good information, and you give/imply some false information too.
    Brother, let’s treat each other as we would want to be treated.

  20. So dear brothers and sisters,

    Isa-Al-Messiah says’

    “Go, then, to all people everywhere and make them my disciples; baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. Ant I will be with you always, to the end of the age.

    “Isa-Al-Messiah says,” I am coming soon! Happy are those who obey the prophetic words in this book”-(Revelation-22:7).

    Isa-Al-Messiah says,” I am coming soon! I will bring my rewards with me, to give to each one according to what he has done”-(Revelation-22:12).

    “I am coming soon. Keep safe what you have, so that no one will rob you of your victory prize” – (Revelation-3:11).

    So my request “Observe the Sabbath and keep it holy.” I’m proud to be an Seventh-day Adventist and observe Sabbath.

    Prayer request:
    Please pray for my family and ministry

    May Allah bless you in your family for the LORD Soon return. This is my hope & aspiration.

    Shiful Islam JR,
    SDA special ministry,

  21. Thank you for your your comment.
    It sounds like you are trying to win souls to Jesus Christ in Bangladesh. God bless you!

    Please understand that the word “Allah” means “false God of Islam” to most of us native English speakers.

  22. Dear SDA family

    Greetings to all.

    I was Muslim. In 1997, I got an Adventist message through Pr. Sylvester Irwin & Dr.Wolfang Lapkey, and trusted on true God and I and my wife took baptism in Seventh-day Adventist church. We were baptized by Ustad Abdul Mozid, (X-Global Mission Director SSD –Philippines). During my baptism Pr. Sylvester Irwin, Dr. John Dueroe, Dr.Wolfang Lapkey, Dr.Jeralld White House and others was present. After my baptism both of us started to preach the true Adventist message to the Muslim brothers and sisters. During my evangelism work, I had to face many critical situation, but my savior Isa-Al-Messiah help me to overcome the dangerous problems.

    Prayer request:
    Now ,You know that I am working in this special ministry, since 1997 and I have many faithful believers, some of them are very good for this ministry and working with me voluntarily. Those who are sharing truth Adventist message faithfully to Muslim brothers and sisters, without any stipend. Please pray for Him and believers family.

    My son Shuvro Ahmed Babu is studying in twelve grade in science group, at Agricultural University College. He is professional classical Singer. Pr. I P Bairagee (Previous Adventist mission Director BAUM) baptized him.he wants to study in theology. It is better to study outside of this country to study. After completing theology, he can work for this ministry. So we need a scholarship and sponsor.Pray for him.
    Please pray for me and my family and for my SDA Muslim ministry so that we can believe until second coming of Isa-Al- Messiah/Jesus Christ, and preach the true Adventist message to Muslim.

    Dear brothers and sister of Seventh-day Adventist believers,

    KITABUL MOKADDOS/Bible: The book of Revelation ends with the same promise that it started with: the promise of Isa-Al-Messiah/Jesus Christ’ Second Coming and His kingdom that lasts forever. Isa-Al-Messiah’ Second Coming is the most important part of the book.

    As Seventh-day Adventist believers we believe that, Isa-Al-Messiah is coming soon. We continue to wait for Him to come back. While we wait, we must have a clear understanding of the massages in the book of Revelation. We can get this understanding by reading the book again and again until this earth’s history comes to an end. The massages in the book of Revelation help us remember some important things while we wait: (1) we must keep our eyes on Isa, who is our only hope. (2) Isa-Al-Messiah is the answer to everything our hearts wish for in life. And (3) Isa-Al-Messiah holds the future of this earth and our own future in His hands.

    The book of Revelation helps us remember something else important that we must do before the end of this earth’s history can happen. Allah gave us the job for telling everyone on earth the massage that He is coming back soon. We must not wait until that time and do nothing now. We must share Allah’s special Seventh-day Adventist massage for this time. “The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’”(Revelation 22:17).We must join the Spirit and the Bride in sharing Allah’s invitation with other people. The KITABUL MOKADDOS/Bible names this invitation the Good News about Isa/Jesus. We must announce this Good News to all the people on the earth.

    May Allah bless all.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Shiful Islam Jr,
    Muslim ministry. (AMR)
    Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Evangelistic.( (Contextualize ministry) Bangladesh,
    e mail –

  23. May your son find a good school and be trained well to spread the three angel’s messages and lead many souls to Jesus Christ.

    Let’s preach and live the truth as it is in Jesus, and leave off the attempt to meld together Christianity and Islam.

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